Today I turn 29!

And since it’s my day, I want to dedicate this article to me, to the people who love me and who care about me. I want to take this opportunity to tell you a little more about me and my life, something that until now I have never done. I am outgoing, dynamic, curious, sweet only with who deserves it, always looking for new motivations and ideas, extrovert but with a shy spirit, clever but in appearance naive, viscerally linked to those I love.

I love so much, very much indeed.

I am a girl like any other, with an enviable family. At school I have always get by without excesses: firstly I completed my First Degree and then the Postgraduated Degree, reaching my goals but nothing to write home about.

Fresh out of college, about three years ago, a role in the respectful family company, a solid reality in the field of renewable energy and waste treatment, was waiting for me. Since the very beginning I knew it was not the right path for me, that this job would have limited my imagination, my ideas and the satisfaction that I was expecting to find in the worktime. I started working and I realized that staying in close contact with the family in this circumstances is not so easy, only those who have tried it could understand me.

About a year and a half ago I decided to give space, parallel to my involvement in the company, to my passion for design, marketing and communication: so was born. There is no need to explain the difficulties in explaining it to my parents and to the people around me. I must tell you that in that moment I realized who really knew me deep inside, who had gone beyond the appearance, who have spent a few time to know me better, who have trusted my intuition and my stubbornness in reaching my goal. These few people have always supported my choices and now are those who I love the most and that I will always want in my life.

In late December 2014 I decided to resign from my work, firstly, because the relationship with my family started to deteriorate more than I expected, and secondly because my path was And when I decide something, I don’t change my mind. In this year and a half there have been many rewards, but there have been also the trouble in explaining to other people my point of view. Many did not believe in the project, and many do not believe in it yet, but the results speak for themselves: views in growth, partnerships of all types and soon a real e-commerce.

Briefly, I have chosen me, my intuition and my ideas, because you cannot live to please other people… and, believe me, the real crisis that plagues the world we live in is the poverty of ideas and the lack of determination in fulfill them. The relationship with my parents is improving day by day, and I have to tell you that they are surprising me…

I think my luck is composed by different pieces: firstly by the example of my parents who, thanks to their extraordinary career, have created from nothing something incredible, then by my best friends, by the luck to have by my side Donatella and Andrea, by Billy and last not least by the love of my life.

Happy Birthday to me!!