A revisited classic: glass chandeliers for your living room

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In this article we will look at a new trend which is exciting many interior designers: modern glass chandeliers for the living room.

Many brands, especially the Italian ones, are reinterpreting this classic decorating item with fantasy and creativity.

Glass is the malleable material par excellance. Crystal shards become the bearer of light creating wonderful effects.

Its transparency will give a refined touch to your living room. The compositions, even the most showy ones, are never too heavy, because the clearness of glass lightens everything up.

We made a selection of glass chandeliers for you.

Modern crystal and glass chandeliers: elegance and lightness

Crystal is indeed a fantastic material. The chandelier strikes immediately the eye and everything seems to revolve around its light. Truly, the chandelier is the giver of a fundamental element to do every daily action in our homes.

Without light, we couldn’t do anything!

A part from the functionality, with the refined details and the choice of an excellent glass, cut like a precious gem, the chandelier becomes a proper icon, to contemplate enjoying all the shades of light that it dispenses.

modern living room glass chandeliers
A jewel of a chandelier on web.ondasu.com

Crystal can also not be cut as a stone: there are fixtures with glass endings that have a recognizable and abstract cut at  the same time. The finall effect speaks for itself.


crystal chandelier
Credits: 2p.it


Abstract design for metal and glass chandeliers

Thanks to the flexibility of LED technology, the living room lights can take unexpected and wonderfully abstract shapes.

The creativity behind the design of the chandelier can be unleashed!

We can find, thanks to the bonding of glass and metal, shapes that were once unimaginable, voluminous sketches full of personality, at the edge of imagination.


abstract glass chandelier
A creative and unusual chandelier by gflamma.it

Modular modern glass chandeliers

Today’s easiness in designing light spots for the living room allows to modulate the light depending on the surrounding environment.

A sequence of glass patterns, in a long and narrow space, pleases the eye and goes well with the shape of the ceiling and the room itself.

Moreover, composition with blown glass chandeliers, even better if handmade, are such a beauty that you will never get tired of looking at them.

glass globe chandelier
A composition of glass globe chandeliers from mytre.com.ua


Lenght and depth

Glass chandeliers can be designed not only in lenght but also in depth.

Some of them caputre our attention just with their hangin elements, their transparency and ther different volumes.

If you choose such a striking accessory, we suggest to go easy on the furniture to avoid too much competition in the room.

For example, these elaborated glass chandeliers are ideal for a minimal total white room, or even for a space with darker walls in grey tones.

hanging glass chandelier
A bubble design chandelier from Italian brand edenilluminazione.org


Choosing a glass chandelier for your living room, with all these things to keep in consideration, it’s not easy!

But once you will have chosen the right one for you, it will be a precious item that reflects your personality.


What do you prefer for your living room? Classic or original designs?


Scegliere un lampadario originale in vetro per il salotto, con così tante variabili, non è facile!

Ma, una volta scelto, sarà sicuramente un oggetto che riflette la vostra personalità.


E a voi cosa piace di più per un punto luce? Design originale o classico?


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