Here I am, out of breath,  wondering what awaits me…
To welcome me, a young couple at their big time… he’s a commercial agent and she’s an event organizer…An aperitif on the terrace waiting for me.
Pizzas, chips and soft drinks at will.While snacking, I asked them which part of the home they loved most. “The terrace” they answered at the same time … “it compensates for the lack of the garden. We enjoy the hush of the evenings, while drinking a glass of wine “.”For us this home is the concrete symbol of the start of the new experience of living together. It’s the place we share with our friends, by organizing happy hours and dinners together.It’s our nest, always with us in any moment, together or alone”. In addition to great style, I can feel there’s a lively and warm atmosphere.
“Everything was designed ad hoc” she said “with the help of our trusted carpenter we paid attention to every single detail, trying to optimise the space available” etc. The architect’s ability to choose the right materials and to perfectly combine them creates a tangible balance both for those living here and those who come here just for an hour, like me. Here’s their love nest …
lampada creazioni design con candela

lampada creazioni design con candela

lampada creazioni design con candela

cucina fatta su misura

tagliere con porta ipad

tavolo con lampadario bianco e arancione

camera degli ospiti

zona giorno

doccia con soffione rettangolare

Photos Credits: Fillyourhomewithlove