The fragrance shop Olfattorio Bar-à-Parfums, in Milan.

Welcome to Rinascente Milano and, in particolar, to the exclusive and unique fragrance shop Olfattorio Bar-à parfums!!

A great corner dedicated to selected scents from international niche brands, including Artisan parfumeur, Les Parfums de Rosine, Compagnie de Provense, Aesop and many others.

A unique place is occupied by Diptyque, the world famous brand my next post is going to deal with.
The Bar-à-purfums gives customers the opportunity to experience a real taste itinery among unique essences and fragrances able to bring us away and recall our memories.

Special goblets made from paper bowl and plexiglass base are used for the vaporization of the wide range of fragrances, in order to ease a more intense and long-lasting taste and to intensify essences’ refinement.

A special place is also dedicated to the show of scented candles and room fragrances, combining fragrance magic with high design, as represented by ‘Amber Balls’ by L’Artisan Parfumeur.

These are terracotta balls handmade and filled with unusual fragrances making unique our home.
olftatorio bar a parfums a milano
olftatorio bar a parfums a milano