Bright out Christmas’ magic with festive decorations!

Christmas is just around the corner.

We find out from the streets full of lights and decorations and from the shop windows overflowing with colourful packages. All of these things make the atmosphere magic.

At home everything is ready.

The Christmas tree is about to make its triumphal debut in the living room and it dominates the various Christmas decorations.

Led lights are getting ready to floodlight balconies, roofs and pathways.


How to decorate the Christmas tree, the table and much more.

Most of Christmas’ magic lies in the waiting, the preparation, in the art of decorating your house with Christmas decorations every year more and more surprising and sparkling.

In this article we will have a look at some ideas to decorate the Christmas tree with style, but also decorations for indoors and outdoors.

A red and with Christmas tree.

Christmas lights are the best decorations

In the days before Christmas the city is full of lights and bright signs, and so are the houses.

Many love to surround themselves with all the symbols that create the right Christmas atmosphere. 

We are talking about trees, ornaments, wreaths and Christmas decorations, reindeers, Santa Claus miniatures and obviously the beloved Christmas lights!

Indoor and outdoor Christmas lights create a magic festive atmosphere like nothing else.

Wreaths, light chains and other original decorations can adorn doors and windows.

They can be put around the jambs, or enrich a piece of furniture, a room, or even the floor!

Alternatively, they can bring a touch of warmth and familiarity to the Christmas table.

And what about outdoors? Every external space will turn into a magical and enchanted place thanks to Christmas lights!

Christmas wreaths

This is a typical British and American tradition that is becoming more and more popular in Italy as well.

A typical Christmas wreath

In the 19th Century, using a wreath as a Christmas decoration was strictly connected with the Lord’s Advent.

In the 4 weeks preceding Christmas, the circle structure of the wreath was enriched with four candles to light up during the month.

An original Christmas wreath with red accents

They symbolise the advent of light, the birth.

There are infinite ways in which we can decorate our Christmas wreath and make it unique.

For a nature-inspired style, we can match a base of evergreen branches with typical Christmas elements, such as pine cones and leaves.

For more effect, let’s add red ribbons, Christmas stars, bells and coloured lights.

Do It Yourself Christmas decorations

To make the Christmas atmosphere even more magical, and to experience the true values of vicinity and family union, nothing is better than making DIY decorations with your kids.

From the classic Christmas balls ornaments to Advent calendars, table nameplates and snowmen.

Another idea is to make miniature boxes and presents to hang on the tree, or to put below it along with the “real” ones.

You can also get help from your kids to make a DIY Christmas centrepiece for your table.

The circular Christmas wreath can be also enriched by adding red candles or kitchen-inspired elements such as oranges or nuts.

A DIY Christmas wreath made of corks