Bathroom accessories, everything you need to know

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In this article we will talk about the place devoted to relaxing and personal care: the bathroom.

We will have a look at the four fundamental bathroom accessories that can’t miss in a modern bathroom.

These not only must have an original and good design, but they also need to be practical and long-lasting.

Most of us prefer the ones in a modern style, which are easy to match to all sorts of sinks and faucets. They must be easy to clean and sterilize.
Another fundamental feature: they must endure scratches, water and constant usage.

Let’s see now which bathroom accessories must not miss in a modern bathroom.

Towel racks of all kinds

If you have plenty of space, you could go for the towel bar, mounted on the wall. In this way, the towel can be laid on the bar open in order to dry correctly. It will give to your bathroom a clean and tidy look.

There are also multiple racks with two or three bars, which can welcome more towels and are ideal for numerous families.

For those who desire less conventional shapes, the perfect solution is the towel ring, which is perfect to hang face towels or guest towels.

bathroom accessories towel ring
The towel ring is ideal to save space and decorate

If you have very little space available and you still haven’t chosen the sink for your bathroom, we suggest to have a look at sinks with integrated towel racks, like the one in the next picture.

bathroom acccessories sink
An example of sink with integrated towel rack

Bathroom lightning: how to choose the right light

One thing is for sure: the bathroom needs light.

You can create the right bathroom lightning choosing spotlights or wall lamps of various shapes and sizes.

Another crucial space to light up is the mirror. You can find mirrors with integrated LED lights, both circular and rectangular. Alternatively, if you already have a mirror, you just need to choose the right lamp to place above it.

bathroom accessories mirror
A beautiful round mirror with integrated LED light

Shower caddies: choose the right one for your needs

The shower must be fitted with the right items to have everything at hand.

For many of us it’s a moment to relax, and having all well organized makes the shower even more pleasant.

First of all you must choose shelves and wall mounted supports, either straight or corner shaped on which to put shampoo bottles, shower cream and sponges.

If you want extra safety, we suggest to mount a grab bar, especially if the shower is used by elderly people.

Toothbrush holder: a designer choice to enrich your bathroom.

For what concerns the toothbrush holder, we’d like to suggest you a simple, cool and functional solution.

As you can see in the picture, a part from the usual toothbrush holders, there are integrated solutions, that can save you space,

In a shelf like this, with integrated holder, you could store everything you need for dental care and also have more space aside.

bathroom accessories shelf
From Grohe, a practical shelf with integrated toothbrush holder

What about you, which accessories you think are irreplaceable in your bathroom?
To which ones you could never renounce?


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