Fifty shades of Grey, the Movie!

…They just landed few seconds ago on the top of his building in the main city center of Seattle…Christian Grey comes out of his private helicopter, opens the hatchback and helps her to get off extending his hand. He tenderly girds her waist and they make their way to the elevator that will bring them directly to Mr. Grey flat. They reach an atrium all white with a dark wood round table in the centre with a huge white roses bouquet over… Christian opens a double swing door and, walking down a long aisle, they reach the beautiful living room. .Anastasia is front of her a full huge glass wall facing a beautiful terrace overlooking seattle. On the right side a U sofa, that could comfortably accommodate ten people, in front of it, a beautiful steel fireplace.

On the right side a white modern and supertechnological kitchen with worktops and a huge counter with six stools. Just on the side a dining table surrounded by sixteen chairs. On the walls there are paintings of each form and size. On the corner stands a black grand piano, probably among the many talents,Christian can also plays piano, Anastasia thinks. The girl remains disarmed in front of so much beauty and elegance…but she still didn’t see anything about Christin and his 50 shades of grey. A little later she’s going to deal with the famous confidentiality agreement and visit the room of this beautiful flat that most of all will involve and surprise her..the secret one..

February, 14, Fifty Shades of Grey Movie!