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Today I am telling you how to apply easily some principles related to Feng Shui in your bedroom. This does not always mean to change radically the existing bedroom area, on the contrary! Picking some precious suggestions to improve one’s sleep can be both easy and effective. I put together a few tricks for you, you can take immediately, but at first, let’s introduce the topic explaining briefly what Feng Shui is.

Feng Shui bedroom: let’s explain what it means.

Wikipedia reads as follows:

Ancient, Chinese geomantic art teaching how to organize the living space harmoniously and beneficially for physical and mental health.

Thus, besides the disposition of the room according to the beauty and our personal taste, the Chinese philosophy puts into play the fine energies, the influence of the moon and the cardinal points, the fact that the furnishings are near or not to tubes or metals running into the walls and so on….

If it might be difficult to follow some structural tricks, or others we cannot afford, there are other suggestions we can apply easily. For instance, by choosing the right fittings or simply making suitable choices helping us to live a better life.

Now let’s go and see my advices for a bedroom which follows, partly, the geomantic rules helping us to sleep and live better.

 Feng Shui bedroom
Immagine: Freshdesignpedia.com
  1. The Feng Shui bedroom is symmetrical.

In a Feng Shui bedroom the balance is fundamental. The symmetry of the wall where the headboard rests gives much calm. Furthermore, it symbolizes the same importance between females and males. For this reason, let’s place exactly alike bedside tables on each side, the same lighting and specular decorations on the wall. I think that this kind of balance is really smart and that, besides the oriental philosophies, it gives the bedroom area pure harmony .

 Feng Shui bedroom
Immagine: Lushome.it

2. No electromagnetic device into a Feng Shui bedroom

I am perfectly sure about the efficaciousness of this suggestion: leave mobiles, televisions, electric alarms ( I mean the plugged-in ones), out of the sleeping place. You will benefit from that on your mood, immediately! To sleep even one time only far from electromagnetic waves will make you feel reborn and rested.

Our brain and eyes need to switch off, to keep away, for a few hours, from any intellectual work.

Let’s allow ourselves some precious time in the most comfortable place above all others, the bedroom.

 Feng Shui bedroom
Immagine: Mondodesign.it

3. The arrangement of the bed in the Feng Shui bedroom is far from the door.

For a kind of unconditioned reflex, having the door leading directly to the bed means a restless sleep.
Yes, it is. As if our body felt always on the look over and we always kept a watch lest someone should enter the room while we are sleeping.
That is why the Feng Shui bedroom ‘s door should have a doorway from which the bed cannot be seen. On the contrary, to reach it, we should cover a 90° angle.
Practically, I enter the room and to go to bed I turn right or left. In this way we assure our brain quiter sleeps.

4. In the Feng Shui bedroom the headboard is very important

It is the most important part: according to the Chinese philosophy, the headboard is fundamental to protect the human part that needs protection most: our head and thoughts, just so!

 Feng Shui bedroom
Immagine: Freshdesignpedia.com

5. No pictures of people looking at us, motivational phrases are welcome instead.

The bedroom is the place where we ‘are born again’ every day.
This means that it is a place where any episode of our life starts and ends.
We wake up in the morning and draw the conclusions about our day in the evening.
According to Feng Shui philosophy, having around the room pictures of people looking at us, does not let us sleep well. While motivational phrases prasing happiness and satisfaction help us to face better our day and life in general.

 Feng Shui bedroom
Immagine: Freshdesignpedia.com

Do you know Feng Shui? Which one of the advices above did strike you most?

I am waiting for your comments.