Introducing Falcon House, the latest creation of Koto Design studio

The Cotswolds, in western England are one of the most appreciated locations by nature lovers and those who look for the typical British countryside atmosphere.

Rural England is scattered with timeless villages and thatched-roof cottages. The Cotswolds are very famous in the U.K. and many celebrities moved there to live, from Jeremy Clarkson to Rowan Atkinson, from Hugh Grant to J.K. Rowling.

There are many v.i.p. mansions in this corner of England, ranging from the most classic style to the most contemporary design.

Falcon House 1
Falcon House in the heart of the Cotswolds

Falcon House and the new concept of slow living

Devon-based Koto Design studio is one of the most lively and forward-thinking brands in the field.

Founded in 2017 by the couple Johnaton and Zoe Little with architect Theo Dales, has already had its share of projects.

Their style is the Scandinavian one, with simple and clear lines, using natural material like stone and wood.

That is due to the couple’s life on the shores of Norway, where they grew fond of the culture and the aesthetic of that region.

Most of all, it is the simple lifestyle in touch with nature that inspired the team of young designers to create a new conception of modular cabin.

Koto Design founders
Koto founders, Johnaton and Zoe Little and Theo Dales


We believe in both the ethos of Scandinavian design and in their way of living. Taking quality time in nature with friends and family is one of life’s great luxuries.

We founded Koto to create the opportunity to escape to nature in the comfort of beautiful buildings.


Says Zoe Little, explaining her new conception of slow living.

Designer cabins

Cabins are seldom thought as designer objects. They’re practical, simple and functional.


Falcon House 6
Il muretto a secco tipico delle campagne inglesi dialoga con i materiali usati per la Falcon House

Nevertheless, cabin are having a certain success lately, so that more and more people choose them as a permanent residence, rather than a temporary stay during vacations or hunting trips.

Many photographers and designers take inspiration from them for their work and there are now many coffee table books dedicated to cabins.

The upside-down house

The Falcon House is only the latest project of Koto and it immediately strikes the eye for its peculiarity:

Two overlapping modules change dramatically the classic conception of contemporary living: the first floor is noticeably bigger than the ground floor.


Falcon House
The two layers of the Falcon House

This upside down home was created to maximise the views of the surrounding nature from the living spaces, creating the feeling of living within the trees whilst the lower floor was designed to accommodate more intimate and cosy spaces.

Continues Zoe, talking about the intentions behind the project.

Falcon House’s materials are a call to the wild

This abode, like all the other Koto projects, is distinguished by the use of ecological and sustainable materials. It is also referred to as “carbon zero house” for its wood comes from sustainable sources.

The other main material apart from wood, is glass, allowing to enjoy the wonderful views of the countryside surrounding the Falcon House.

The location chosen for the house is Lower Mill Estate in the Cotswolds and at Habitat Firsts newest site – Birchwood located in the North Devon UNESCO Biosphere.

Falcon House 3
A view on the moor

Falcon House’s interiors

If it wasn’t for its particular design, from the outside the Falcon House would look like an ordinary cabin, thanks to the dark wood used for the walls, which blends in the surrounding nature.

On the inside, instead, the colors and material used are warm and welcoming.

Falcon House 8
Large windows at the first floor

The first thing we notice is the breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape all around.

The windows are almost taking over the walls, giving the feeling of being outside, but inside at the same time, in line with the brand’s philosophy.

All the materials and colors chosen by the interior designers are also creating a link between indoors and outdoors, thanks to the green used in fabrics and in the stove’s metal, recalling the one of the Cotswolds’ trees.


Falcon House cucina
The natural style kitchen

We find nature in the kitchen as well. The top with sink and cooker is in natural stone, while all the rest is wood.

The cube-shaped open cupboards are recalling the modular inspiration of the Falcon House.

Finally, the bedroom at the ground floor offers a warm and cosy retreat in pure nordic style.

Falcon House camera
A room with a view on nature

In this room you can feel of being in the woods from the comfort of your bed.

Soft colors and shapes create a relaxing atmosphere.

Falcon House camera 2
The bedroom’s Scandinavian style

We really like the Falcon House by Koto Design studio, and we like the ethics behind this new brand even more!

What do you think?


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