Welcome to Elvis’s home!

Who follows me every day knows I don’t like talking about me and my life… I prefer focusing on the key topics of this blog, that are interior design & home décor. But today let’s make an exception to the rule!

You’ll be wondering why… the answer is very simple: the pictures you’re going to see show my friend’s home.. Chiara! I met her some years ago at the gym. To be more precise, it’s a friendship between Me, Chiara and Elena! Those kind of friendships that born from a greeting and then grow, by having dinners together, tasting good food and talking about gossip. I meet them every 2-3 months… we talk about our lives, we share ideas and I’ve to say we are a good mix of characters! But why at Elvis’s home and not at Chiara’s home? Because Elvis is her beloved pinscher! We love dogs above all else and I can’t imagine a life without them, even though for some months I’ve had to get used to the idea… Elvis keeps us company while we have dinner, by carefully listening to what we talk about. If Elvis could talk he would have a lot to say!!!

The home has everything it could have, with attention to detail. Everything has been thought out to perfection, from the kitchen to the original bookshelf in the middle of the living room, the bedrooms and the bathrooms. The style is mainly modern, characterized by white tones, enriched with vintage furniture, floor lamps, CDs and many pictures. I perfectly remember the first time Chiara invited me and Elena to her home. I looked around and I was amazed by the place: white cealing beams and different cealing’s heights. Everything reflects a great taste. A warm and welcoming apartment I’ll come back soon to…maybe for our late special Christmas dinner, along with Elvis and our endless talks!

La zona living sui toni del bianco

La cucina ampia e funzionale sempre sui toni del bianco

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La stanza degli ospiti in stile provenzale

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