The idea of living in an attic is not your cup of tea? Do you think that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages?

Well think again, because attics are full of potential: it’s only a matter of making the most of them.

How? To find out keep reading this article.

Attics 1
Custom made attic living room

From a humble garret to designer house

When rethinking the functionality and the purpose of the garret we cannot overlook the livability, which is prior to style and decoration.

So, if you are looking for a restyling of the top floor of your house to get an additional bedroom or a studio, you must first insulate roof and walls. This is to avoid overheating in Summer and condensation, mold and leaks during the Winter.

An insulated attic for maximum comfort

To make a comfy attic it’s important to thoroughly insulate its spaces.

To reduce heat dispersion you must insulate the roof and the walls of the attic with the right materials.

Especially the roof insulation is fundamental not only to improve comfort but also to save more energy. The roof is the most exposed part of the house.

Among the material used to insulate the roof we find wood fiber, cork, polyurethane foam and glass fiber. The latter is particularly impervious to water and steam: this means minimizing the condensation, humidity and mold in the attic.

Also, the ventilated roof is an excellent solution, applying insulation behind the shingles with an air chamber and a vent system.

How to decorate the attic

Attics 2
A custom made kitchen to optimize space

Decorating an attic seems an impossible challenge? Actually is easier than one can thing.

With the right stylistic choices and some interior design tips and tricks, even the most bland garret can become a dream penthouse.

Try to look at the architectural structure as an opportunity, not a limit. The sloped ceiling, for example, could become a resource to create original and creative flats.

To give a contemporary and refined appeal to the attic it is fundamental to follow some design rules and rely on some style strategy. In particular the following:

Follow the structural characteristics

Make the most of every inch at your disposal. Use the lower zones to insert cupboards, storage closets and custom made wardrobes.

The most livable space, where the ceiling is higher, must be destined to the living room and the kitchen the two most convivial parts of the house.

Attics 3
Custom made bedroom and wardrobe
Attics 4
An attic walk in closet

Enlarge the space visually

Here are the most useful tricks to make attics look more spacious and bright:

  • Light color palette 

In attics is preferable to use bright and light shades for walls and main furniture, as they give an open an fresh feeling, they lighten up the space and give an elegant look to the room.

Attics 5
A bright color palette will light up the attic


  • Hanging furniture

Choose furniture that you can hang on the wall for a lighter impact

  • Make the most of the walls

Shelves and wall units are a clever solution to free up square meters.

Design a correct lightning

The best choice is always to mix natural and artificial light.

The lightning project is fundamental for every home, but even more for penthouses and attics. Let’s find out more.

How to light up the attic

Attics 6
Illuminate the attic through different light spots

To look more livable and welcoming, attics not only need to be climatically balanced, but they must also rely on a fair share of air and light.

Natural light is always preferable to the artificial one: sun rays are a mood booster and a proper recharge of energy and positivity.

If the structure allows it, our suggestion is to design wide openings with sliding windows and modern fixtures, improving massively the natural light exposure through extra transparent glass and minimal profiles.

If it’s not possible to work on the fixtures, it will be necessary to design a lightning system capable of making the attic bright and visually large.

Here are some tips:

  • spotlight on the expose wooden beams: discreet and efficient to light up without shadows
  • wall mounted appliqués
  • swiveling and adjustable spotlights to illuminate where it’s needed

It’s better to avoid chandeliers and classic light sources in attics with a sloped ceiling. That is because they will make shadows and make the space look smaller.

Using this strategies and diversifying the lightning project, you will be able to create ad hoc light solutions to double the space and give to the attic a modern and sophisticated appeal.

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