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Hello to everybody!!

Today I want you to take part in a new “concept store” – Palato – that has recently been opened at the foot of Rimini Congress Centre.

You can find the best foods & wines and particolar attention is devoted to locally-produced products, the so-called “0-km products”.

Palato offers good opportunities for interaction between producers and sellers, by enhancing the excellence of local wine and oil.

Passion for local products combined with passion for design: you can buy all the products that are exposed, from food and wine to bookcases, dishes, pots, cups, boxes and so forth.

By way of example, you can look at the first picture to find out the Desalto Bookcase (Fluid model)!!

It is a poly-functional system with joints for assembling both orizzontally and vertically.

It is ideal for storing books or, as I usually do, for holding fruits and vegetables.

Palato is also specialized in the design and realization of domestic and professional kitchens, turnkey furniture solutions, interior restlying and personalization, including tableware, lighting, fabrics and unusual furniture.











Margherita Succi
Margherita Succi
Mi presento. Sono Margherita Succi, ho 33 anni e sono l'anima pulsante di Fillyourhomewithlove. Sono laureata e specializzata in Marketing e Management internazionale con una forte passione per tutto ciò che gira intorno al design. Ecco perché amo raccontarvelo ogni singolo giorno.

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