The beauty of white kitchens in five wonderful interpretations

In this article we are going to analyze beauty and elegance in the kitchen, choosing five total white looks.

White kitchens are bright, practical and simply brilliant.

Many of you would probably disagree, especially regarding the practicality, since white is always associated with the idea of difficult maintenance and cleaning.

And yet, choosing the right materials, a white kitchen can give you a sensation of purity and clearness.

If you think about it, a white kitchen is open for creativity.

For example, it allows for a strong personalization for home decor items, or colorful details, that can always be replaced in case we get tired of them.

A good white base is like the canvas for a painter: we can build our personality and our style on it.

Here are five examples of white kitchens, coming from different backgrounds, that can inspire you.

Ecco a voi cinque esempi, provenienti da mondi diversi, di cucine bianche che possono ispirarvi in maniera originale.

Gloss and shiny

cucine bianche lucide

Mirror like white furniture: a glossy and shiny kitchen in this hue is particularly delicate.

Usually other colors in this finish tend to be too aggressive.

White makes everything more neutral, reflecting the light on the shiny shelves and cupboards.

Shabby chic white kitchens

cucine bianche con mattonelle

White and soft tones are perfect for a kitchen in a shabby style.
Being a trend that reinvents the “old” with new interpretations, the use of dark or bright shades is not refined at all.
White is pure elegance, and can make the shabby chic traits lighter, otherwise excessive and overloaded.

White kitchens with a marble top

cucine bianche con piano di marmo
cucina bianca con piana di marmo

We like this combination very much: modern white kitchen use marble to protect the kitchen island or the worktop.
Marble, or light colored stone, next to white, makes for a rarefied atmosphere.

Together, these two elements (material and color) are a brilliant match, fresh and pleasant.

White kitchen with metal details

cucine bianche con dettagli in metallo
cucina bianca con dettagli in metallo

Metal is another material that we like to see in a white kitchen.
Details in this material, very popular among interiors designers, make a white kitchen richer and more refined.

Minimalist white kitchens

cucina bianca minimalista
cucine bianche minimaliste

If you like minimalist shapes and clear geometrical lines, you will love these kitchens.
Were them in other colors they wouldn’t be so linear and light.

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