When I decided to start the blog I set myself the goal to talk about of things that were as much original as possible, that could be interesting to me and, especially, to you.
Hence the continuous search for items, settings and projects out of the common to offer to you daily…
Browsing here and there I chanced upon an Emilian company, that is called Creazioni design, founded by a young artist, skilled in hand-processing of copper and wood. It’s with his dexterity and strong creativity that gives life to unique pieces.<
The Stavkirke lamp that you can see in the pictures below is an example of it: it’s entirely made of staves of balsamic vinegar’s barrels and treated with natural oils.
It easily adapts to any style and can be placed in any corner of your home, in the terrace, on the desk, or can be used as a centerpiece …
The choice is yours!!!
If you want to discover more, you can see their creations on the website…..and contact the company to get more information …you will find people available to satisfy all your requests…