Country style kitchens: five tips to enhance functionality and beauty!

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Today we’re having a look at the world of kitchens.

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Let’s have a deeper look to country style kitchens.

Among the new trends for this year there is the rise of a kitchen made to be lived, today more than ever.

The kitchen is a place in which people stay and socialise even while preparing food, and so designers are making solutions more and more practical and devoted to space management.

Before listing the five details to which you must think to design a rustic kitchen, we anticipate another trend:

With the constant rise of styles such as shabby and provence, country style is recently back in the spotlight being close to “shabby chic” that is so appreciated worldwide.

Masonry, stylish appliances, the lighting and even the choice of tiles: pay attention to all these details if you choose a country style kitchen for your home.

We hope, as usual, that our suggestions will be useful and you would appreciate the images in this article.

Getting inspired is a joy, and designing a home always starts with a dream!

1.The project is fundamental for a country style kitchen!

Country style kitchens are often a symbol of masonry kitchens which develops hand in hand with weight-bearing structures.

As a result, designing a kitchen is the most crucial stage.

To make a masonry, rustic kitchen further designing skills are required, compared to a contemporary kitchen.

These attitudes and additional care make the difference, and they make the kitchen comfortable, practical, original and unexpected.

A rustic kitchen with dynamic lines from LUBE.

2. Cookers and appliances in style with a country style kitchen

One thing to keep in mind when creating a country style kitchen is the choice of appliances and cookers.

The fridge and the flames must be in line with the rustic style.

This is the key for the project’s success.

We have seen many wonderful kitchens with a country vibe but with modern appliances spoiling the final result.

A cooker in line with the rustic style from Lasley Brahaney

3. Choosing the right covering

Coverings are fundamental too to obtain balance and for the success of the project.
Not only tiles, but also decorations and finishing must be in line with the rustic tone of the kitchen.

A beautiful composition for a masonry rustic style kitchen by Primiceri

4. Spaces and volumes: country style kitchens don’t like to stay tight

A rustic kitchen is not fond of small spaces.

As we said in the first point, the country style often involves masonry. It’s essential that this kind of kitchen is made in a suitable volume and an open space.

A rustic and elegant kitchen in a spacious room by Don Pedro Brooklyn

5. The right lighting for a rustic kitchen

Rustic style kitchens need matching lighting.

Retro-style chandeliers are, in our opinion, the most suitable.

Some beautiful hanging glass chandeliers by Don Pedro Brooklyn

Now, aren’t you in the mood for a warm, cosy, spacious country style kitchen? 🙂