Country kitchens: what details are irresistible? Let’s find them out together!

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I really hope this topic will be interesting and attractive to you.
For some time, I have been exploring the world of “kitchen” through images and reflections.
I have written about styles, components, tips to furnish your home with style without giving up practicality.
As you have understood, styles are often contaminated by similar ones.
The minimal or urban style may have details that recall the industrial style; the Provence style may have shabby chic details or vice versa.

The same is true for country style which is perfect to furnish country houses.
The country and rustic style share several features, although I think they are distinguished by the way people approach this way of furnishing. It follows a philosophy that lets you experience your kitchen in a simple and practical way through items that clearly remind of it.

I have identified five. Would you like to add some more?

1. Use of solid chestnut wood in country kitchens.

This style is often “informal” and creates a warm atmosphere.
The main element is solid chestnut wood, used to make all pieces of furniture that spread this mood.

country Kitchen
On a kitchen whose main element is wood combined with fake masonry.

2.  The stove is essential in a setting furnished with this style

If I had to imagine details that enrich a kitchen furnished with this style, I would never give up an old-style stove.

It can be used in lots of different ways: as an oven, plate or simply to spread a pleasant heat that warms up body and soul. You can’t avoid using it in country uses as well as in country chic houses. To make it unique, walls can be covered with bricks or fake masonry.

county kitchen
On a beautiful stove which recalls the heat of the past.

3. Country kitchens and decorated sinks


Another detail which makes the difference is the sink.

I have seen beautiful customised sinks with rich decorations.
The decorated sink gives style to a country setting, which may be too simple.
I think it’s a wonderful idea to combine accessories with a touch of elegance such as a sink with relief decorations.

country kitchen
On a decorated sink which is often used in this kind of settings.

4. Decorative hoods in country kitchens

Giving space to creativity when it comes to decorative hoods plays an important role because this style offers lots of combinations.

In this way, your room will never be ordinary because a decorative hood can highlight its unique character.

country kitchen ideas
On a perfect hood for country style

5. Country kitchens and their taps and faucets

Taps and faucets are a noteworthy detail. Like a sink, taps and faucets give elegance and make your kitchen refined.

country kitchen
On a perfect sink for a country kitchen.

I really love them and, as you have seen here, I appreciate details which are never banal and express elegance and style.
What do you think?