An old Cottage in Patù, Salento.

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A perfectly restructured old farm gives room to a new residence to be visited absolutely.

Outside you can find a wide area where it is placed a solid wood, handmade table made to measure, lit by some industrial lamps in the 50’s style. Behind it there is a nice kitchen top in white concrete paste, made to measure too. Try to imagine a party with friends: everything is thought to make any dinner easy and convivial.
Inside, there is a 150 square meters surface divided into six rooms and a garden.

At first, the cottage you can see in the next pictures was an oil mill provided with a cowshed.

At present, it has been transformed into a designed, real farm ready to welcome guests during the summer. The old stable has become the living room/kitchen area and wood and earthenware has taken the place of rust.
Without any doubt, white is the main color both for the furniture and the walls. The floor is quite original as it is covered with the decorated majolicas typical of this area. Usually, when we imagine a cottage, we see it plunged in the green, surrounded by age-old olive trees. This one, instead, is right in the old town center of Patù, surrounded by bars and restaurants.
Anyway, it takes only five kilometers to get to the nearest beach where you can relax and admire the unique color of the sea of Salento.

cottage in patù

cottage in patù ristrutturata

cottage in patù ristrutturata

masseria a patù ristrutturata

masseria a patù ristrutturata

masseria a patù ristrutturata

masseria a patù ristrutturata

Foto: Luca Zanaroli

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