Corner kitchens: how to enhance them to the top.

Welcome back to the design magazine FillYourHomeWithLove!

To complete our journey through the various stlyes for kitchens we have just one left: corner kitchens.

This kind of kitchen is surely one of the most widespread.

It allows the development of appliances and worktops in two directions, in addition to the sink and the cooker.

It is practical and convenient for every kind of project, and depending on the length of x and y axes, it can be more developed on one side and less on the other.

All in all, this is the kitchen par excellence, the most common in modern houses, because it allows us to manage space in the best way.

Its main feature, architecturally speaking, is to be well fitted with the rest of the home.
Open spaces are the best solution for this kitchen, because of the expansiveness of the open corner.

Having read a lot on furniture and with some experience in interior design, we have come to five key concepts to think of when designing a corner kitchen. And we thought… “why don’t we share this experience with our readers?”

1. Modern corner kitchens with an item recalling the context

Have a close look at this example.
On one end of the kitchen we have a bookshelf with open shelving. This is a way to facilitate the interaction between the living room and the kitchen, and to harmonize the spaces.

A corner kitchen with a bookshelf by Pedini NY

2. Bicolor corner kitchens are beautiful

As we mentioned earlier, corner kitchens are usually the best choice for small spaces.
In order to give life to these spaces, we suggest to consider choosing a bi-color kitchen.

A beautiful contrast of colours also by Pedini NY

3. Kitchens with a well equipped corner

The corner is a precious reserve of space.
We suggest thinking well about where the two sides of the kitchen meet and also about the cooking zone.

Get yourselves plenty of shelves, fitted furniture, trolleys and storage spaces to put all the kitchen tools.

Adding extractables baskets will increase the storage space and you will have everything at hand.

A shelved kitchen corner on Coco Kelley

4. Bright colours: the best for small corner kitchens

You would know our tastes by now, and you’d probably know that where there is little space we prefer the brightness of white.

Bright colours soften the sense of closure and perpendicularity recalled by the right angle.

A bright and luminous corner kitchen by Studio McGee

5. Corner kitchens are the most common? Choose the details with style!

Let’s make the difference with peculiar materials, with a functional and detailed research and less common accessories. We will make our corner kitchen special, even if it has a classical soul.

A stone sink, for example, could give a personal touch to your corner kitchen.

What do you think? 

Do you agree with our considerations? We are sure that with a bit of research you could create authentic masterpieces of elegance and originality.