Table decorations: How to fold the napkins to set your table with the right Christmas spirit

Napkins are a classic Christmas decoration item

Made of various fabrics and patterns, Christmas napkins enhance the mise en place of the table for the traditional Christmas lunch.

They concur in creating the typical Christmas atmosphere and give joy to every guest.

Along with other decorative elements like centrepieces, wreaths, lights, flowers, candles and nameplates, they bring into being the true Christmas spirit.

A wonderful Christmas table in gold and white

To decorate your Christmas table you can use

  • Cloth napkins. You can choose sober and refined fabrics like cotton or linen in the traditional Christmas colours.
    We are talking about red, gold, green, white, maybe enriched with inserts and embroideries recalling the symbols of Christmas
  • Practical Paper napkins with a wider range of Christmas-inspired themes.

Whether you choose the elegance of cloth napkins or the ecological paper ones, in both cases you can give them your personal touch.

Pine cones to decorate your napkins

You can, for instance, find new ways of folding them and put them “on stage” on your Christmas table in an original way. Or, you can indulge in creating Christmas tree shaped napkins or Star shaped ones.

You could also decorate them in the style you prefer.

Use different paints for paper or non-woven fabric napkins.

Alternatively, you could embellish the fabric ones with cross stitch or with the same paints.

Gold glasses and decorated napkins

Do It Yourself!

Do It Yourself Christmas decorations, especially if made with your children, can make you feel the true concept of vicinity and family, typical of the Christmas spirit.

Creating something with mom and dad will let the kids live a magical and surprising Christmas, and it will give them sweet and special memories that will stay with them forever.

As well as Christmas ornaments or Advent calendars, you can create handmade Christmas napkins.

Help and guide your children in choosing the colours, the decorations and the images to draw and paint.

For the choice of patterns, let you get inspired by the symbols of winter and Christmas magic.

We are talking snowmen, Santa Claus, reindeers, bells, red ribbons, gift packages, pine cones, wreaths, Christmas stars, coloured lights, you name it!

Each Christmas ornament, if made with love, will be more joyful, creative and original.

A beautiful Christmas table in a warm white tone