Three-dimensional bathroom wall tiles design: shape and colour

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Here are some ideas for a three-dimensional bathroom tiles design…a growing trend

Welcome back to my blog on furniture and interior design! As usual, I will share with you some current trends and design features related to interior design and home décor.

When talking about home décor, furniture and fixtures are key elements but there is another feature that is important as well. I’m talking about coverings, tiles and floors, which represent the very first step every time you are planning the interior design.

Several brand-new features and interior design solutions are paving the way for unique and creative spaces.
According to recent market trends, coverings and tiles have been playing an increasingly important role in the field of home décor and interior design.
They are not considered just as a “background” anymore and they’re turning into key elements in exhibitions and events related to interior design. They are the symbol of creativity, beauty and innovation!


A three-dimensional design for a brand-new and modern bathroom.

We have already talked about 3D tiles, and I shared with you a few ideas on how to enhance their beauty by combining light and colours.

This three-dimensional shape became over time the focus of a real artistic investigation aimed at finding new elements with tactile features. That’s why this field is constantly developing and growing.
Wall tiles can turn into a masterpiece thanks to the 3D effect, the combination of colours and a well-planned design…the success is guaranteed, and the result will be unforgettable!

three-dimensional bathroom wall tiles modules
Here are some examples of three-dimensional modules from archi

Hexagonal three-dimensional module wall tiles
Hexagonal three-dimensional module from archi

Idee rivestimento bianco tridimensionale

A third dimension for a unique bathroom

There is an increasingly wide range of 3D coverings and they really look like masterpieces for your bathroom or kitchen.

three-dimensional wall tiles design
Module in a braided pattern for an unforgettable three-dimensional covering from

Module in a braided pattern for an unforgettable three-dimensional covering from
This module will fascinate you with its regular and mesmerising patterns. The shiny material and its light effects play an important role as well and enhance the beauty of this three-dimensional mosaic of tiles.
As a result of this research on materials and light effects, there is a wide range of 3D samples with many different shapes and coverings’ colours.

bathroom wall tiles
Some dark and light three-dimensional coverings side by side from

tree dimensional bathroom wall tiles
A completely mirrored wall from

What about you? Have you ever used three-dimensional coverings? Did you notice this frequent use of 3D coverings by designers and architects?
Do you have any example to share with me? I would like to find out more about it!
As you know, I always try to be up to date and share a lot of interesting information with you about many different high-quality, creative and beautiful interior design elements.
See you soon, here on my blog!


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