Kitchen Wall Tiles: here are some creative ideas for you

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Good morning friends!

Welcome back to my blog on furniture and interior design Fillyourhomewithlove.
Today we’re talking about a topic that is very important when you’re planning your interior design: kitchen wall tiles.

I often focus the attention on kitchens, because they are the place where people eat, get together and talk more than in other rooms.
Kitchen tiles play a key role in protecting your walls from splashes and dirt and allow you to cover and clean easily the area near the burners. In this way, you can keep the cooking area clean.

That’s why tiles must be:

  • long-lasting
  • easy to clean
  • resistant to high temperatures

However, they must be beautiful as well!

That’s why I’m sharing with you some creative ideas that will make your kitchen unique!
Creative kitchen wall tiles: play with colours!

Chose some unusual and out of the ordinary colours and combine them. Your kitchen will be unforgettable!
Take a look at this black and shiny nuance.
Bring together high-quality materials with a noteworthy design and select your favourite colour…the success is guaranteed!

Black kitchen Tiles
Black kitchen Tiles from


Unusual Kitchen Tiles: Try out a dynamic disposition

If you want to provide your kitchen with a unique and unforgettable design, you can arrange your tiles in order to create movement and dynamism.

An oblique positioning can enhance the beauty of the walls and gives space to creativity.

kitchen wall tiles are arranged in a herringbone pattern.
Take a look at these shiny tiles from, where kitchen wall tiles are arranged in a herringbone pattern.

Tiles with creative shapes will transform your kitchen into a brand-new space!

Today there are several high-quality products on the market that will provide you with a wide range of unique shapes and colours.
A flattened hexagon, for example, is a plain shape and you can use it as an alternative to the standard square, rectangle, or regular hexagon.

original Kitchen Tiles
Here are some creative flattened hexagons from

A colourful positioning to make your kitchen an unconventional space!

Put some colours here and there all around your kitchen and mix colourful and white tiles.
You will turn the blank surface of your kitchen into a masterpiece.

I’m really into this idea.
This creative and random disposition makes the kitchen’s design funny and unique.

original kitchen tiles
Here is an example of a random disposition of kitchen tiles from


A collage of different kitchen tiles to create the right design

A collage of tiles is the utmost expression of a retro, shabby or Provençal style.
Besides, a collage of geometrical patterns can make your kitchen stand out.
Every tile will perfectly blend into the others, but the final effect will be unique too.
I really love this kind of disposition which could be combined with wall units or built-in appliances in furniture with a plain colour.

kitchen wall tiles
Here is an example from of a mix of tiles with different retro patterns.

Now it’s up to you! What kind of wall tiles did you chose for your kitchen? Did you opt for creative and unexpected combinations?

I’m waiting for your comments!


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