Interior walls: wall coverings all to be discovered

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Interior stone walls: let’s find out some of their peculiarities.

Good morning friends and welcome back to my blog on furniture and interior design Fillyourhomewithlove!

Today we’ll talk about interior walls and try to unmask some clichés.

Interior stone walls are often associated to rustic homes which are very far from minimalism and the sober character of contemporary style.

Today I will show you some examples and would like to focus on how interior stone walls can be a creative and versatile solution for you living room.

This material can be used in lots of different ways, can have several colour and formats because it’s alive and its porous and uneven surfaces ensure a “natural” and unmatched feeling.

Bright and minimalist: interior stone walls can be beautiful even in a contemporary-style home!

Here’s a wonderful image of a wall made of light-coloured and marble stone, with iridescent shades.

What do you think? Don’t they confer a unique charme to the living room? A wall stone can ensure a natural sensation of freshness needed in minimalist homes. Moreover, the shades resulting from an uneven surface are particularly noteworthy.

interior walls can be light-coloured
Not only rustic spaces: interior walls can be light-coloured and bright to create minimalist living rooms. In the picture you can see an example by


Natural stone walls are highlighted by sidelight

Interior stone walls attract sidelight. It’s fun to design your own lighting arrangement with spots that gently illuminate their uneven surface.

This combination is eye-catching, just like a work of art.

Several lights on an interior stone wall
Several lights on an interior stone wall from

stone walls for living rooms
Enlightened stone walls for living rooms, picture by a Pinterest user


Various formats, stones and colours: interior stone walls can be used in lots of different ways

Stone is never the same: it has different cuts, shapes, colour. All you need to do is choose the stone that best fits into your living room and creates a magic atmosphere.

stone interior wall
Even stones that are similar to rocks can be used as interior walls. Proposal by

interior stone wall
From an interior stone wall with a small cut.

Interior stone wall
Interior stone wall with slab cut from

Not in the whole living room: interior stone walls highlight some details

Just like any eye-catching furniture details, stone must be used with taste without exaggerating. I love it when it’s used to highlight wall details, for example the fireplace.

pareti di pietra per sottolineare il camino
Il camino sottolineato dalla parete in pietra per interni da Pinterest

Wonderful in modern homes, beautiful in rustic and country-style homes!

To conclude, I would like to show you a breath-taking picture: interior stone walls are wonderful in modern homes, but they are even more beautiful in rustic homes.

What do you think? Where do you prefer them?

 stone walls in rustic homes
Are the most beautiful interior stone walls in rustic homes? Proposal from


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