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Wallpaper for a surprising effect
Wallpaper becomes a fundamental item if you decide to place it in your home.
There are various types of wallpaper, also for the kitchen or even the shower!
Thanks to special resins insulating wallpapers from water, you could easily replace the usual tiles with an original and cool wallpaper.

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The room in which wallpaper is most used is no doubt the bedroom, especially for children’s rooms. 

In these posts you will find a multitude of wallpapers, in different styles.
From the most classical patterns to the modern and bright coloured ones. They could be black and white or romantically coloured in pastel tints. 

The wallpaper makes every piece of furniture stand out in the room in which it is placed.

It is considered a valid alternative to the usual wall painting, and it’s surely more hygienical and easy to clean than plain paint.

Kitchen wallpaper

Choosing to apply wallpaper to a kitchen it’s not only a choice of taste and design, but it also has a practical purpose.

Covering the wallpaper with a thin layer of resin could make it easy to clean. Therefore it works perfectly as a splashback instead of the usual tiles.

Living room wallpaper

Choosing the wallpaper for the living room is different: you can place it on the wall behind the TV or as the background of a bookshelf. The concept is the same: to have a beautiful and rich living room, which can be enhanced with custom wallpapers.

Children’s room wallpaper

Wallpapers used in decorating children’s bedrooms must be hygienical and sustainable. 

Aside from design and taste, also look out for quality and materials.

World map wallpaper

Decorated wallpapers are more and more requested and they are taking over the market. In the past there have been wallpapers with plant motifs or just geometrical patterns. Now, the latest trend is wallpaper with geographical charts on them, especially for bedrooms.