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Table Decorations Ideas

How to set the table for every occasion

The mise en place of the table it’s not only an important aspect not to overlook, but it has also become a proper art.

In this section of the Design Magazine Fillyourhomewithlove you will find tips and suggestions to make your table unique.

Are you looking for ideas for table setting?

You have come to the right place.

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It’s only a matter of attention to details and a good overview to find the right balance between every item.

Starting from colour matching, through materials and dishes, to centrepieces, candles, placeholders, napkin holders, flowers and many other decorative items. 

You will learn how to set the table in an original way, to leave your guest speechless.

Every week we will look at new topics and we will learn the art of setting the table, through the various continents, traditions and customs.

You will find ideas on how to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in a creative way, making every moment of your day special, for you and those you love.

We will do detailed studies on various topics, and have a look at ideal inspirations to make your dining room original for every occasion, such as Easter and Christmas.

You could easily replicate our creations and enrich them with your personal touch.
Every week we will present ceramics, glasses, crystals and fabrics ideal for every occasion.

Choosing the right centrepiece is fundamental to setting the table in a proper way. Each occasion has its own decorations: for Easter we will use eggs and olive wreaths, at Christmas mistletoe and Christmas balls, and for Valentine’s Day hearts and flowers.

The table’s scenic design has to meet criterias such as taste, harmony and proportions, with the single elements interacting with each other spontaneously, and, if you like to dare, the adding of some breaking element which would dominate the scene and leave your guest amazed!

How to decorate the table for Holidays

During the Holidays we want to spend our time with the people we love, and organising a lunch or a dinner is the best way to get everyone together. For this reason we decided to prepare many articles on how to set the table for Christmas or Easter.