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Designer stoves: decorate and warm up your home
The simple presence of a lively flame makes every space more pleasant and bright.
We must not forget though that the fire stays put for many months throughout the year.
That’s why it is important to choose a stove that is refined in looks and design and that can enhance and enrich the style of a room also when it’s off.
Nevertheless, stoves and fireplaces are no longer exclusively warming devices, but they are now considered as every other decorating piece of furniture.
Being so, they must have style and their own character, without stealing the scene, but rather enrich the setting in which they dwell.
Are you looking for a stove for your modern living room?
In this case we recommend to choose a stove with squared and rigid lines, enhanced by neutral colours such as white, glossy black or “strong” finishes like stone, steel, ceramic, also combined to create a sober and minimal style.
Modern stoves that match an elegant material such as glass to the solidity and warmth of a teak finishing, have surely some character.
For those who prefer a romantic and retro atmosphere, we suggest a stove with a vintage design. These have either sinuous and curvy lines or a more squared look with thin legs, recalling the style of the fifties.
Their shapes are reminiscent of a vintage TV, they have bright and unexpected colours, high flames or little compact stoves in a retro style.
Thanks to the reduced height, ranging between 80 and 100 cm, they can be put within an old preexistent fireplace.

The trend of putting a mini stove within the fireplace has originated in Britain and it’s rapidly spreading all around the world. 

It is spreading in Italy as well because it’s a stylish and alluring decorating idea, capable of combining the original spirit of the heart of the home with the convenience of a clean and efficient heating system.

Hi-tech and eco-friendly stoves

Apart from the aesthetic mix of colours, shapes and materials, these designer stoves also have a green soul that respects the environment and allows for energy saving.

Wood stoves and the latest pellet stoves have undergone technological innovation, giving them better performances and the best energetic efficiency.

Ecological stoves certified “Clean Air” guarantee a clean and efficient combustion, using automatic control systems for the energy dispersion, and they can recover the ashes coming from the burning of wood or pellets. This ash is then used as fertiliser for the garden.

Heating technology industry has created more and more advanced systems capable of carrying out many functions autonomously.

Just think about the cleaning of the stove or the refilling of the combustible, or even complex examples of IoT (Internet of Things) with integrated microprocessors that make the stove completely interactive.

Automatic control systems have been inserted within the stoves, allowing to program the turning on and off or to calibrate the flame autonomously.

The stove dialogues with the smartphone (or tablet and PC) to manage remotely in a simple and intuitive way the various functions available, even diagnostic.

The most advanced models are capable of heating more spaces at the same time, thanks to hot air canalisation which can cover long distances.

They can even provide for warm water, having de facto the same functions of a boiler, with the plus of a beautiful exposed flame!

Stove or Fireplace?

It is hard to say, because both solutions present unique factors of charm and convenience. As with every choice though, this must be well pondered starting from scratch (budget, pre-existent  style, room layout) to your real necessities and lifestyle.

Generally speaking, we can highlight a greater versatility of the stove (a freestanding item capable of adapting to every context) rather than a classic fireplace with a more complex design.

Moreover, stoves, especially pellet stoves are completely automatic (they clean and fuel themselves) and are so more suitable to those who have spare time to dedicate to maintenance.

However, the fireplace has always had a particular allure in collective imagination, the romantic and nostalgic image of a crackling wood fire can not be put off so easily.

Furthermore, modern pellet fireplaces guarantee for a minimum maintenance, as much as the stoves, and at the same time they can replicate a flame (almost) comparable to the one made from wood.