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Shabby Chic Style

Shabby Chic is not only a way to decorate your home, but it’s essentially a lifestyle.

Those who love this kind of furniture like to seek items that can be refurbished and modernized, keeping their elegance intact.
Wood is the main character, skillfully renovated through various processes.

The appreciation for Shabby Chic style is widespread especially in France and Britain.

This kind of design is expressed through home decor items such as paintings, frames, kitchen tools and bathroom decorations.

Of course kitchens are a treasure trove of Shabby Chic items, like mugs, porcelains and fabrics that enrich the space. Rose and red flower decorations, beige and white patterns are absolute protagonists. Shabby Chic table cloths, blankets, plaids and pillows give a romantic sensation to guests and house owners alike.

Just think about how many ways you can decorate your living room, enhancing it with chic items and restored furniture perfectly in line with this style.

If you have manual skills, you can try to make some DIY Shabby Chic furniture.

One thing is for sure: on the interior design magazine FillYourHomeWithLove you will find many images, suggestions and ideas for a Shabby Chic home.

Shabby Chic Furniture: the charme of old times

In recent years interior design has been more and more carachterized by a mixture of styles to create unique and innovative home decor items.

A perfect example of this “multystyle” trend is Shabby Chic, even if its origins are dating back more than one can imagine.

It began in cottages and rich countrisyde villas of Victorian England.

Shabby style was then associated to precious furniture.
Ancient family items, often of a great value, but worn out by time like old chintz sofas, dusty chandeliers, cupboards and showcases, faded linen curtains.

Over time, this kind of furniture integrated the classic aesthetics of the good old days with new trends of European art and design, especially from France, with the romantic castles of the Loire region.

There are also references to Svedish and gustavian styles, fusing later with the functionality of American shaker style and with the romantic essence of Provence and Tuscany.

Shabby Chic furniture

If you are thinking of transforming your kitchen or you want to change style, try to take Shabby Chic in consideration. It’s having a great success in the latest years and it features on the pages of more and more interior design magazines (including this one!).

But what does it mean literally?
The name Shabby Chic is referred to the elegance of old and used items.

Romantic and refined traits recalling the old times, and the warm atmosphere of Grandma’s kitchen.

Restored items will be the foundation on which to rebuild the kitchen and the dining room, giving new life to apparently useless and run-down items.

Furniture pieces could be found in second hand markets, basements or simply revisited in a new shabby version.
In fact, even if the furniture looks old this doesn’t necessairily mean that it has to.

Thanks to special paints and simple manual works it’s possible to transform even modern furniture.

Shabby Chic kitchen and living room

Shabby Chic cupboards, showcases and other pieces of furniture are not to be missing in romantic dinners. Enthusiasts of this style love to put old sofas, perfectly restored, in their living room, maybe alongside matching armchairs.

Shabby Chic kitchens are enriched by plates, porcelain and fabrics that enhance this splendid style.
In recent years Shabby living rooms are very trendy.
Sofas can be restored with specific fabrics to create romantic and refined spaces.

Shabby Chic colors

The main shades of the Shabby style are white, pink, or beige.

Restored wood is absolute protagonist. We can say that is the most important material for Shabby Chic furniture.

Regaring fabrics, floral patterns in red or pink are a must-have.

Do It Yourself Shabby Chic

This style is heavingly relying on DIY. Restoring furniture is even more satisfying if you do it on your own. Many Shabby Chic enthusiasts love to dedicate their free time renovating old furniture or other items found in the attic. DIY can be also applied to Shabby Chic paintings and frames, or other little home decor items such as candle holders and jars.

Shabby Chic decorations

The most beloved shapes for this styler are wooden hearts and pillows on white and beige shades.

Mugs and cups are decorated with hearts or flowers.
Festivities are also subjected to this trend: Christmas presents are prepared or bought in advance according to this style, to make a perfect Shabby Chic Christmas!

Shabby Chic pillows

As mentioned above, pillows are one of the essential items in a Shabby house. Most of these pillows are characterized by elegant floral decorations with roses, leaves and buds. The most appreciated nuances are pastel colors such as pink, green and light blue.

Laces and crochets are the final touch for the external rims of the pillows.

Again, many of these are handmade.

Shabby Chic lamps

There are items than more than others, characterize this style.
A perfect example are Shabby Chic lamps, full of hanging crystals and refined fabrics.
Again, laces and crotchets on the lampshade are a key element.


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