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Provence Style

Provence style is becoming more and more popular.

Maybe it’s for the romantic allure or the delicate and refined look of the furniture, or even the pastel colors, the fact is that everyone seems to love it.
For this reason, we decided to start a new section of our magazine devoted to this style.
There will be in-depth analysis regarding furniture, kitchens, living rooms and everything concerning this particular look. We are going to focus also on bedrooms, bathrooms and home decor details like pillows and curtains.

This style is often chosen for second houses on the beach or in the countryside.
Country style in fact goes very well with this one, creating a really suggestive environment.

Wood is dominating the scene, along with wrought iron and other metals. The final touch is given by the matching of pillows and other fabric decorations enriching the setting.

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Unique colors and tones

The dominant colors of the Provence style are white, cream and all the pastel shades of pink, light blue, green and red.

True lovers of this style appreciate flowers and other decorative patterns also in the above mentioned colors.

The color range includes Spring inspired shades like mimosa yellow and lavender.

These tonalities recall the works of the great impressionist painters, depicting the landscapes of Provence.

Materials are also very important in this style.

Wood is the main one, in all its natural shades and left rough, even better with some imperfections.

It is ideal to give an antique feeling to the environment and relive past atmospheres.

Also stone and wrought iron are frequently used for covers, finishes and furniture.
Stone can be used for the flooring but also for the sink.
It is possible to see iron in the romantic headboards in the main bedroom or in some chandeliers.

All this furniture must be consistent and can include accessories in glass or ceramic.

Provence style kitchen

This kind of kitchen is often custom made. All the shelves and cupboards are handmade and alerted to glass cases in pastel colors or in white.
Also the choice of the pommels is not casual.

Curtains and pillows

Curtains, pillows and all the other decorations in fabric enrich every house, especially one in Provence style.
Some prefers total white fabrics, other checkers patterns in light blue or pink or even flower decorations.