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Mountain Houses

Either in Summer and in Winter, the mountains are always a magical place to relax, find contact with nature but also enjoy night life and sport.

Whether you are designing your new house or simply looking for a holiday destination, in this section you will find inspiration and ideas on how to decorate and live your new house in the mountain!

The tradition of mountain lodges meets contemporary design Courmayeur is one of the most famous and renowned ski resorts of the...

How to choose your house in the mountains

In this section we are having a look at many design ideas, so that everyone can find the perfect solution according to every taste and style.

How to design a mountain house

All you need to know about building a house in the mountains, from the materials to the most detailed decorations.

Chalet and mountain houses in Italy

The Italian Alps and Apennines are home to many enchanting places where to spend your holidays in contact with nature.

Mountain houses around the world

Not only Italy, we are going to look also at mountain designer houses all around the world from Austrian and French Alps to the mountains of New Zealand!