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Living room furniture

How to make your living room unique
The living room is the place that best embodies the key concepts of modern furniture: opening, transformation and sharing.
Not only sharing of spaces, as for designing and layout, but also family life moments.
Together with the kitchen, the living room is the most intimate and convivial space of the house, a place to relax and chat with family and friends.
Very often, the two spaces are thought of as a single continuum.
From the kitchen we go to the table, and from the table to the sofa.

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Living room furniture: how to decorate such a dynamic space.

When combined with the kitchen or the dining room, the modern living room can adapt itself easily to contaminations and the above mentioned sharing, given some simple, but fundamental styling rules.

How can we combine harmoniously a hectic and operative room like the kitchen with a more relaxing and “representative” space like the living room?

In this view, we can rely on many pieces of furniture.

Multipurpose furniture, like consoles that become dining tables, customisable modules like cubes, shelves, wall units with cupboards or desks.

We will see how to make various storage units live together in harmony.

You will surely find what is right for you among the many articles and detailed studies.

Any decoration element is capable of reading space in many directions and it can be a trait d’union between the kitchen and the living room.

A cupboard in the living can also be an extra storage unit for the kitchen, or, on the opposite, some shelving in the kitchen can work as living room furniture, hosting books, frames, or ornaments.

First, the choice of colours, for the walls or parts of walls, but also for the main elements like curtains, rugs, pillows and chandeliers.

This is a very important theme in designing a living room, so important that changing these colours, maybe taking advantage of house refurbishing, can dramatically change the whole space.

Dove grey and white are among the colours that give light and a sense of well-being even to the smallest spaces.

Colour matching for the living room

Beside a light guide colour (white, as said, but also ivory, sand and the various light shades of beige) we can insert many colour matchings, each leading the style of the living room in a particular direction.

For a super modern effect, try to mix white and gloss black, with some touch of dark grey.

To create a romantic and dreamy atmosphere, use pastel colours, to give a glamour touch go for golden, pearl grey or unusual matchings like bright green, lime, yellow and purple.

To warm up the room use earth colours such as bronze, clay, rose, terracotta, various shades of red but also ocher, and dark green.