kitchen furniture

Choosing the right kitchen furniture is not an easy task, especially when you are not used to it.
The kitchen is the most used room of all and, a part from being the prettiest, it has to be well designed.
It must provide the right usability from both adults and children.

Starting from scratch, it is fundamental to think about where to put all the appliances. Once you have decided all the structural needs you can proceed with the choice of kitchen furniture. You have to decide wheter to go for a modern, classical, industrial or shabby style kitchen, in order to find the best option according to your taste.
Choosing the right color must be done in harmony with the rest of your home’s shades. Remember that your accommodation must have a theme in every room.
It’s also possible to merge different styles, but don’t overdo it! You should strike the right balance between all the settings of your home.
You could find lots of tips and tricks to make your modern kitchen unique on your design magazine of choice.
Many suggestions about country, industrial, or masonry kitchens.

Advice on ideal materials and texture to enrich your kitchen’s furniture can be found.
Some details will definitely stand out, such as the tiles you will put on the kitchen backsplash or the kitchen cabinets. The choice of appliances will surely make a difference both estetically and practically.

You could also take inspiration about home decor items that will embellish your dining room such as table and chairs. To sum up, you have plenty of choice, and Fillyourhomewithlove is here to help you finding what is best to fulfill your needs.

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How to choose the right kitchen ideas

If you are looking forward to decorate or refurbish your home, you are surely wondering which kind of kitchen to choose. You are probably overwhelmed with ideas and you might feel confused about the infinite choices available.

Here at Fillyourhomewithlove interior design magazine we are trying to help you making your mind. According to the square meters available you could go for one kind of kitchen or another.

There are, for instance, linear wall kitchens, which are a must in small accommodation with little square footage. You will manage to develop your kitchen in only four square meters, fitting in all the necessary appliancese, like fridge, freezer, cooker and oven.

You could also opt for an U-shaped kitchen, stretching on three walls.
You must have more space at hand, but I assure you the usability of this type of kitchen is the best. You will have many counter at your disposal and the right fitting for all the appliances.

In these recent years the kitchen island is dominating the scene. In order to make it, many square meters are needed. It is also the perfect solution to create an open space, with both kichen and dining furniture.

You could choose to put the sink and the oven in the island, or, alternatively, to use this space as a counter.