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Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances. We couldn’t live without them.

They are fundamental in our home management routine and very useful to do any kind of chores.

Just think about the convenience of putting dishes into the dishwasher without having to do it manually.

Here you will find a list of kitchen appliances which will definitely change your life. They will shorten your work times and make your life much easier.

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Kitchen appliances: everything you need for your home


We are going to talk about washing machines, kitchen robots, microwave ovens, electric ovens, blast chillers and everything that we would love to have in our kitchen.

In the kitchen some appliances are literally life-savers.

Could you imagine your daily life without a washing machine or a microwave oven? You could surely live without them, but having them at hand makes home management much easier.

Choosing the right cooker, or the most performant kitchen hood, or even a latest fashion oven it’s not easy. Here on Fillyourhomewithlove you will find tips and suggestions on appliances from various brands, leaders in the kitchen sector.

You will find solutions for every home and space, even retractable hoods for kitchen islands, that simply “disappear” within the worktop.

Looking through the articles you will unearth curiosities about some not yet widespread appliances, but which will become necessary in a few years, like the domestic blast chiller.

It is a very useful item, mostly for those who have little time at their disposal to cook everyday.

Thanks to its cutting edge technology it will allow you to freeze and defrost your meals in a very short time, or even to cook them directly.

Also, the choice of the fridge or freezer is not that simple.

Fridges could be built in or double doored, like for instance, the classical American style fridges, which come with an ice dispenser.

You will find many suggestions even on smaller appliances such as kitchen robots, blenders, coffee machines, juice extractors and many more.

Kitchen appliances

Among the many choices to do when designing your home furniture, there is that of kitchen appliances, something else together than easy. The kitchen is the place in which there is the highest concentration of appliances, from the smaller ones (microwaves, bread ovens, kitchen robots) to the big ones (hoods, dishwashers, fridges, ovens) and the ones for the laundry, where we will find the washing machine and sometimes, the dryer.

Many are the models available, the types, the materials used and the details to pay attention to, including costs and energy saving.

Appliances have become proper decorating items, with an eye not only to convenience and efficiency, but also to aesthetics and design.

For one thing, we know that the latest trends tend to exclude the built in fridge in favour of the “autonomous” model, which has a more captivating design and that can steal the scene wherever it is put. This is the case of coloured fridges, which could be of the latest design or in pure vintage ‘50s style. Or even the massive American style “Syde by Syde” fridges (often in a modern look and made of stainless steel) which are very noticeable for their big size and their originality.

Then we have the recently introduced so called “smart fridges”, that are no longer a simple storage unit for food. They are always “connected” thanks to the integrated smart TV from which you can get to web contents, stream music and remotely control all the appliances through the Smart Home app.                                                                                                   

Among other things, through the app it is possible to have a quick look at the fridge’s content or even create a useful “food reminder” to monitor the expiry date of the food.

The future is not only already here, but it’s running so fast that we struggle to keep at pace!

Also in the kitchen, the hood is one of those items that can, alone, define the mood of the room.
It’s a scenographic breaking element (for example ceiling hoods or island hoods, located at the centre of the room). They can work as a stylistic trait d’union in their classical and reassuring version.

Ceiling hoods are generally built directly on the ceiling, in order to put it at the right height, usually 150 cm from the cooker.

Small Appliances

Among the small appliances that are taking over the kitchen we could find bread makers and clever multipurpose compact robots, capable of cooking homemade products for the whole family, healthier and cheaper than the industrial grade ones from the supermarket: bread of every shape and size, but also pizza, cakes, kiches, pasta and even yoghurt and jams.

Appliances for the bathroom and the laundry

Getting to the bathroom or the laundry area, the most important choices are about the washing machine and the tumble dryer, or the combined washer-dryer sets.
This is the perfect solution for small spaces and to enhance space management.

In this case, with a single item, even better if it’s in the slim version, we can get rid of the drying rack once and for all! At the same time, laundry will become quicker, better organised and even fun!

The washer-dryer in place of the single items is ideal also for those who use the drying function in a more limited way, only in the coldest months or on rainy days.

The drying function can be also limited only to some specific clothes (duvets, rugs, curtains) for which the natural drying would be too long.

In this case opting for the combined solution would be preferable, also because it’s cheaper.

And yet, despite the cost, in case of regular and frequent use of the drying function and if we don’t have space limitations, it is better to buy the two separate items, because in the long run it would be cheaper to maintain them.

A multipurpose product tends to consume more, because it uses more energy to do two tasks at the same time.

The independent use of the two machines would allow us to use them in the best way both economically and for the life span of the machines themselves.