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Flooring: here are our suggestions to enrich floors and walls of your home.

The floor is the foundation of the house, both literally and nominally. It is a kind of imprinting to start determining the style and the character of the home. Choosing the floor, then, involves various factors. Of course you should keep in mind the quality of materials, the costs, and the latest trends. In addition to that, however, you should first decide which atmosphere you want to give to the house. 

For each atmosphere there is one or more kinds of floor, each different for materials and working, each with its advantages and its own stylistic soul.

In this section we have gathered various solutions for floors and coverings in line with the most beloved styles. From modern to classic, from industrial to country style, there are coverings for everyone. The most trending now are for sure stoneware, wood, earthenware tiles, marble and resins.

When designing or refurbishing you have to think about floors suitable for the kitchen, the bathroom, and also all the other rooms of the house. You have to evaluate and ponder your choices depending on taste but also convenience. Stoneware is absolutely the most versatile and easy to clean material.

Which one to choose is up to you.

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Ceramic flooring

Every interior design project starts with a choice. First you have to choose the materials, not only according to your taste, but also on the house characteristics and the location. If you live in the countryside, for example, it is better to choose earthenware or stoneware tiles. For a more modern house go for stoneware or resin. 

Porcelain stoneware floors

Stoneware is undoubtedly the easiest to clean material. It doesn’t require any maintenance and it can be cleaned and disinfected with any kind of detergent available on the market.
We highly recommend it for modern houses and for those who love bright and light colours, such as white.

Bathroom flooring

In the bathroom, stoneware gives a sense of cleanliness and hygiene. Here you can indulge in choosing different colours and textures with infinite fantasies. If you like wood, but you want a convenient material in the bathroom we highly recommend the wooden effect stoneware. It’s wonderful to look at, and very easy to clean.

Resin flooring

Floors in resin are perfect for those who don’t like grout lines. Men love resin while women usually are more fond of tiles or wood.

The good thing with resin is the seamless effect between floor and walls.

Wooden floors

A timeless fascinating classic, the wooden floor is more than a floor is the symbol of a lifestyle.

Walking barefoot on the parquet is like being in touch with nature: a pleasant feeling that makes wooden floors the wish of many.

Good looking but also versatile and even a good insulating material, wood seemingly fits every need and taste.

Refined and delicate, but at the same time lasting and strong (if treated with the right products), elegant and refined but also practical and informal.

With a wide range of finishes (rough, waxed, natural, whitened) and surfaces (smooth, polished, brushed) it adapts perfectly to every style and gives a warm and welcoming feeling to the house.