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House coverings: new trends from the world of interior design

The world of interior design is so rich in solutions and materials that it might be difficult to choose the right covering for the floors and walls of your house.

Ceramic, gres, stone, concrete, wood.

Each material has its own characteristics, pros and cons, and each one is suitable for one or another space within the house.

The latest trends seem to be about tiles and ceramic.

There are plenty of new ideas regarding flooring and wall coatings, kitchen worktops and bathroom walls.

Two are the trends that are standing out:
Materials experimentation and extreme tile shapes.

The experimentation with materials wants to highlight the ductility of ceramic, capable of surprising with its essential features.

Ceramic can also give its own version of very different materials, such as metal, trendy and contemporary or clay, recalling the earth and tradition. These materials get a previously inconceivable versatility thanks to ceramic.

Metal, in its ceramic declination, becomes a perfect covering for industrial style, a modern environment with a strong personality.

Full of fascinating chromatic variations, metal gets enhanced when combined with the elegance of ceramic, maintaining its rough and primordial soul.

In this section you will find news and curiosities. Let yourself get inspired by the suggestions of the interior design magazine Fillyourhomewithlove.

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Coverings: the latest trends

To get some order we can start from the trends that came out from the most important design fairs.
It’s a good starting point to create your own personal style.

This year the shape of ceramic tiles doesn’t make any compromise: 

This extremisation comes from two opposite trends.

On one hand, small size tiles, recalling the decorations of the ‘60s and the ‘70s, but also handcrafted artistic cement tiles.

On the other hand, big ceramic slabs, delivering the tactile effect of natural stone with thickness and irregularity.

Kitchen coverings

The choice of the kitchen covering materials must take into consideration the very nature of the kitchen environment, where there is always the risk of stain or spoil the lining.

It would be better to go for smooth, easy to clean surfaces, and a covering that endures the daily wear and tear, but always with an eye on aesthetics and design.

The beauty and the harmony of a kitchen, in fact, is also made of the right covering.

And so, which materials to use for kitchen coverings?


Granite is the solid and resistant material par excellence and it fears almost nothing.

Resisting bumps, scratches, food stains or boiling liquids, the granite coverings are ideal to “dress” both the kitchen walls, in particolar the cooking area, and the worktop, which could then be used in an “energetic” way without risking any damage.

What’s more, granite is very easy to clean.

The aesthetics are very elegant: the dark colour and the rough texture of the stone creates a beautiful contrast with a clear and bright kitchen, enhancing the mixture of styles and atmospheres.


Concrete finds its ideal collocation mostly in modern and industrial style kitchens.

Like granite, concrete is long lasting and capable of enduring intense use. 

The design is refined and not confined to the classic grey.

There are concrete coverings in several colours and finishes, you have plenty of choice.

Ideal for those who want a consistent surface is microcement or microtopping, an innovative covering for chic and stylish kitchen, which unites style and functionality.

Microtopping covers adhere to every surface, are easy to install and it’s only 3 mm thick, which makes it suitable to be put over a pre-existent covering.

Its consistent surface guarantees an easy and fast cleaning, while its impermeability and resistance to scratches and high temperatures make it the perfect choice for the worktop and the cooking zone.

Stylewise, these coverings are suitable for every kind of flooring, with a natural preference for natural wood or parquet in a Scandinavian style.