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In December our homes fill with lights and decorations to better welcome Christmas time.
In this section of our interior design magazine Fillyourhomewithlove you will find many ideas on how to adorn your house, which Christmas light to choose and many gift suggestions. For November and December the magazine will turn red and it will light up with countless coloured lights. Every week we will suggest original ideas to set your Christmas table and we will give some interesting advice on how to make it special for your guests.
We will create beautiful DIY decorations together.
You will also find several tutorials on our Youtube channel, in the section devoted to this special time of the year.
Long story short, we will show you Christmas in all its beauty!

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Suggestions on Christmas decorations.

We love Christmas, especially for all the festive decorations that “take over” our houses. We like to find original ideas every year to enrich our living room and our home in general. Never be missing wreaths, candles, Christmas villages and so on and so forth. A triumph of joy, colours and emotions. For the whole months of November and December we will surprise you with all the latest trends for Christmas decorations.

How to adorn the Christmas tree.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a good Christmas Tree! The house gets lively and the festive atmosphere spreads in every room. In our magazine you will find interesting suggestions on how to adorn your christmas tree, both real and faux. In addition, we will have a look at Christmas balls and all the must-have decorations for a special tree.
We also advise all Christmas enthusiasts to have a look at our Youtube videos.

Original Christmas gift ideas.

During the festive season we have to think about Christmas gifts. Here at Fillyourhomewithlove you will find a multitude of suggestions and original ideas. We will suggest where and how to buy presents for your family and friends.
Get inspired!