Provence style houses: typical traits and features

Spring is just around the corner, and today we want to indulge in images of Provence style houses.
It’s almost like we can smell lavender, narcissus and lily of the valley in the South of France.

While we are absorbed in this atmosphere, so mediterranean and cosmopolitan at the same time, we can recognize some common features in Provence style houses that make them so special.

Old farmhouse of the French countryside have common structural traits.

This article is focused on the building’s structure, rather than its furniture, of which we will talk another time.

Provence style puts you at ease with simple and yet refined particulars.

Perhaps this is the reason why is so appreciated all around the world: the linear shapes and the purity of its materials.

The first important feature of a Provence style house is the balcony

Provencal houses have the typical outline of the past century: bedrooms upstairs and living room on the ground floor.

From the main bedroom, often a balcony dominates the entire building. It’s a recurring element of this style.

Provence style house balcony
Provence style balcony on

The ground floor is full of surprises.

Provencal houses have a very definite and authentic style, with a big veranda.

The building structure is a well balanced mix of outdoors and indoors.

The ground floor is separated from the garden only by beautiful big windows.

Also the flooring is the same of the outdoors (natural stone usually). It is an indoor space anyway, since it’s closed.

Glass doors, that have come to be known as French doors, overlook the garden and the colors of lavender and flowerbeds.

Provence style veranda
A indoors/outdoors hybrid space from
Provence style glass door
A typical French door on

Usually this veranda is embedded within the building’s main structure and has access to the garden through a paved surface.

This is the space for big tables and merry gatherings.

All of this, with a mediterranean touch.

Provence style tables
An open air table on

Arches often decorated with colorful plants and flowers

After the veranda, the balcony and the big and bright windows, another recurring element of Provence style houses is the arch.

The arch is the supporting element of all houses in this wonderful style.

It is often adorned with beautiful and colored plants.

Bouganville, vine, jasmin and roses are the most frequent.

The beauty of an arch enhanced by flower notes is something that cannot be described in words.

arch flowers Provence style
A flower adorned arch on

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