Tips and tricks on how to choose and decorate beach houses

The shores of the Mediterranean Sea, cradle of civilization, are the ideal context to build houses in which to find quiet and rest from everyday stress.

Ancient Greeks and Romans erected luxurious villas for this purpose, decorating them according to the time’s taste.

Classic Age aesthetics is so fit for the Mediterranean landscape to be still the ideal choice for today’s decoration of beach houses.

Natural elements, as olive trees, cactus, stones and the wide meadows, provide for the perfect surrounding for these houses.

The typical Mediterranean scrub (Furniture from the Welcome collection by Unopiù)

Outdoor furniture and decoration for beach houses

It can be said that the fundamental elements of a beach house on the shores of Southern Europe have remained unaltered for centuries.

The materials of choice are natural stone, cotto, rough fabrics such as linen, cotton, hemp, and of course wood, treated to resist to salt.

The outdoor furniture consists of tables and chairs on which one can enjoy the marine breeze while sipping a good wine, or simply lay down and indulge in laziness.

The fabrics dance in the Mediterranean breeze (Synthesis collection by Unopiù)

Alongside wood and fabric, among the materials used for outdoor furniture stand out leather, straw and rattan.

FYHWL case al mare 4
Chairs in twain straw (Synthesis collection by Unopiù)

Finally, metal, in particular wrought iron, is another classic material for outdoor furniture for beach houses.

Chairs, tables and chaise longues make for an ideal external parlor for gardensterraces and balconies facing the Mediterranean Sea.

FYHWL case al mare 5
A typical wrought iron set (Ariete collection by Unopiù)

The typical colors of beach houses

Traditionally, the colors that best match with the Mediterranean landscape are bright and light, recalling the blue of the sky and the white of the cloud.

The furniture can be also declined in these shades of white, while the draping can be in blue and light blue.

FYHWL case al mare 2
Stone walls and drapes dividing outdoor and indoor are typical of a Mediterranean beach house (Agorà collection by Unopiù)

Wooden furniture can be painted or left in the natural wood color, to make them stand out against the colors of the sea, as in the picture below.

Cotton padding can be left white to recall other decorative items such as the big ceramic chandeliers.

FYHWL case al mare
Natural wood furniture and white cushions (Synthesis collection by Unopiù)

Outdoor furniture and sun protection

The Mediterranean climate is almost perfect, nonetheless the sun is an important element of hot days on the seaside.

To deal with the burning sun, especially in the hottest hours of Summer, simple and yet effective solutions enrich the outdoor furniture of beach houses.

Umbrellas, draping, and also pergolas and canopies, made especially to give protection from the sun and enjoy the mild climate of the Mediterranean.

A canopy sunscreen (Shibyua collection by Unopiù)

With all these examples we can get inspired and start to think on how to decorate our gardens and terraces for the Summer.

If you are planning your next vacation instead, why don’t you choose a beach house on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea?