Candle and fragrance: my sensory experience offered by Diptique in La Rinascente Milan.

As disclosed in my previous post, I want to share with you  through the fragrances offered by Diptyque, the Parisian brand founded in 1961 Olfattorio has dedicated a specific space in La Rinascente Milan to.

I warmly thank Antonio.

His professionalism and passion led me to a mixture of scents, smells and unique fragrances that denote careful research of high quality materials, attention to details and sophistication of the product offered.
My journey began tasting the countless fragrances “eau de toilette” created by the Maison: they reminded me of smells far away, exotic essences and the aromatic scents you smell when travelling to the Far East.
Moreover, Antonio showed me a real design object: “THE DIPTYQUE HOURGLASS DIFFUSER”.
It is an original and innovative hourglass diffuser; every time we want to perfume our home, we should simply turn the object over and with a scent diffusion process that uses no heat, the perfume will slowly and delicately release its notes into the air.

It is not a secret…I will purchase it: it suits very well in my living room!

No less are the iconic Dyptique candle the Maison has become very famous for: they are hand-crafted with the finest attention to details, to bring out the unique and sophisticated fragrances they contain.

What else can I say? All you can do is take a sensory journey and be enchanted by the stories each fragrance tells.

You will be amazed. I am sure of it…

candela profumata diptique
Candele profumate Dyptique
candela profumata diptique
Candele profumate Dyptique