Ca’ Spineda, the Most beautiful Residential in Italy by Rebuild

Ca’ Spineda is an old villa built in 1560 by the noble family Spineda De Cattaneis.
In 2008 Giovanni Fabris, founder and CEO of Welldom, chose the building to become the future home both of its offices and Atelier Welldom and began the restoration of the property.
Ca’ Spineda was elected the most beautiful residential redevelopment in Italy by Rebuild 2014. The villa respects, in fact, the canons of the ideal living according to an holistic approach that considers architecture, building construction, design, architecture, interior design and lighting as part of a single, harmonious whole.
Welldom, along with the design brands Gervasoni and Viabizzuno, companies that combine the finest Made in Italy with sustainability, craftsmanship, high quality materials and a refined aesthetic,decorated the villa’s interiors with elements of luxury design and furnishings combined with vintage design pieces re-assembled by interior designer Alberto Colbertaldo.


The restoration project allowed to recover Ca’ Spineda in its entirety, with full respect for its history,
providing at the same time the residential units, in addition to the Welldom offices, with modern comfort at the highest. According to the green construction principles, they used only high quality natural materials, high-efficiency systems that help save energy > 30% respect to the traditional ones as well as the latest home automation solutions.







Photos credits by Marco Zanta