Design Bulb? Take a look to incandescent vintage filament bulb. It’s extraordinary!

This incandescent vintage filament bulb is extraordinary

I still remember the first time I saw and photographed them some years ago in Paris… They amazed me so much that I chose them to light my loft.

Event the effect of just one incandescent vintage filament bulb is extraordinary. Of course it’s not the best option from the point of view of energy saving, but I love so much the “suffused lightning” effect they produce in my home that everything else doesn’t matter. It’s a kind of bulb characterized by an industrial design, so that it’s perfect for an urban loft, but it can also suit a more classic and modern style. Just choose the right bulb, or more than one, to create the desired effect and create the chandelier for your home. To do it, also recycled materials, such as glass cans and copper or steel containers, are used. You can really let your imagination run free! It doesn’t take much to transform a cold environment into a warm and welcoming one. I’ve selected on Pinterest some bulb creations you could be inspired by! Which one do you prefer?

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lampadine vintage
I love so much the “suffused lightning” effect they produce that…(pics by Pinterest)
Pics by Pinterest