Brindisi’s Home museum in Comacchio: A masterpiece by Nanda Vigo

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The Brindisi Home Museum in Comacchio is a masterpiece of art and design, that expresses many stylistic and philosophical concepts to be revealed.

I’m sorry that the only opportunity to do so, in this interior design magazine, is connected to the passing of Architect (and not only) Nanda Vigo.

May 15th marks the “departure” of one of the liveliest minds of semantic and stylistic research concerning the representation of light.
She was an important figure of the art panorama during the 60s and 70s.

She was one of the most active members of the transnational artists group called “Zero”, of which Gio Ponti and Lucio Fontana were a part, who organized and curated the important Milan exhibition in 1965.
She also curated the exhibition “Italian Zero and Avantgarde 60’s at MAMM (museum of Moscow) in 2011.

I really appreciate Nanda Vigo, more than others, because she embodies the imaginary of the contaminated and expert artist in so many disciplines.

Nanda is an architect and she graduated at the Polytechnic Instituteof Losanna, but she is also an art critic, sculptress, designer and a tireless experimenter of forms of expression and materials, dedicated to the interpretation of the light spectrum.

nanda vigo
Artist snd designer Nanda (Fernanda) Vigo

The Home Museum Brindisi in Comacchio: Nanda embodies her artistic purpose.

Due to the lively contamination, I believe that Remo Brindisi’s house in Comacchio is one of her most successful projects.
After the death of the renowned painter Remo Brindisi, the project that gathers all his works and his collections, was already completed.
Nanda and Brindisi had been working on that project from 1968 to 1973, trying to create a home-museum that could live a life of its own over time.

They shared the same concept of expression:

they believed in a sort of “integration of arts” that could elevate the artistic experience under numerous points of view.
For Nanda and Remo daily life had to be lived side by side with art and the intellectual urge that it suggested.
This attitude was translated into facts via a big cylindrical stonework room, the heart of the building, with a living room at the base that is perfect for “chatting”.

casa museo brindisi a comacchio
Home Museum Brindisi in Comacchio, the steel handrail is a work of art by Vigo.

The works of art in this house-museum are endless: Stark, Vedova, Cappello, Marotta, Isgrò etc

Vigo’s works of art are many, the handrail made of steel for example, that accompanies the big staircase or the inner glass walls.

The Nanda Vigo design inside the house-museum of Remo Brindisi

Nanda Vigo, as well as her above mentioned works of art, leaves her mark in the house-museum with rooms and spaces designed by her: the black room (“prototype’s bedroom” with Emilio Isgrò’s painting) and the “White living room”.

salotto bianco casa museo brindisi a comacchio
An image of the Brindisi’s white living room house in Comacchio.

This art gallery includes some of her famous design projects, such as:

  • Series “Top” FAI International;
  • Series “Essential” for Driade ,1973;
  • Lamp “Linea” for Arredoluce, 1970;
  • “Diaframma”, Lamp, 1971, design and creation Nanda Vigo.

essential nanda vigo
Table collection Essential for Driade, 1973

Italian art looses one of its leading figures, one that performed with excellence in various fields, celebrating her intellectual and human brilliance in anything she did.

Goodbye, Nanda!


Lara Badioli
Appassionata di arte (con laurea annessa), espressione e design. Mamma di due bambini, innamorata di tutto ciò che è bianco, gatto compreso. Scrivere per me è una necessità: si sa quando comincio, ma mai quando finisco.

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