Design, functioning and technical features

Far from the classic wood fireplace, the bioethanol fireplace is a valid decorating alternative to the home’s heart.

For many of us the idea of a fireplace is unmistakable: wood must burn and spread the lovely smell that is typical of winter.

In many modern houses however, a fireplace is not conceivable, for space limitations or residential rules.

So, the bioethanol fireplace is a valid alternative.

Thanks to its easy installation and without the necessity of a chimney, it’s perfectly suitable for every living space.

There are plenty of producers of this kind of fireplace all around the world.

It has to be pointed out though that these fireplaces are not suitable to heat big spaces. Do not expect the same warmth of a wood fireplace or a stove. It is ideal to warm up small rooms or to create a romantic atmosphere, for example in the bedroom.

The price for a bioethanol fireplace is quite low: they range from €100 to about €1000.

A modern fireplace, ideal to be put under the TV

How to choose a Bioethanol fireplace

  • Check how bioethanol burns within a hour

This will help you to understand how much bioethanol your fireplace will consume and consequently, how much the maintenance will cost. 

  • Check how much is the nominal power

Make sure of the heating power of the appliance that you are about to buy. Keep in mind that a bioethanol fireplace with a nominal power of 3.5 kW it’s capable of heating without problems rooms up to 30 square meters.

  • Choose the fireplace that most appeals to your design taste

Once you are sure of the technical characteristics, you can look at the design and the style.

You will find many different models of fireplaces, standing or built in.

If you have a wooden floor we discourage you from buying a standing model: the direct contact with the floor could alter it or ruin it.

There are many models that can be hung like paintings or directly built in the wall.

A bioethanol fireplace is suitable for every style
A double face fireplace, built within a wall dividing two spaces.