Bedroom chandelier: how to choose it and match it with the furniture

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What a wonderful world it is that of light.

Decorating your home choosing the right light sources and chandeliers that express our sensibility is extremely satisfying.

The chandelier is an item that tells much about us, and it is inextricably connected with our home’s style.

Today, in this article, we give you some examples of chandeliers that reflect the style of the room in which they are put.

Specifically we are talking about the bedroom and all the styles that can be used for this room.

The bedroom is the most intimate room of our home, the one best representing our interiority and our most authentic part.

In order to make it a warm nest where you can repair to at the end of the day, relief the stress and prepare for a restoring sleep, the bedroom must have the right lightning.

Discreet, warm, and diversified, according to the what we are doing.

From the general idea to the detail – reading light, make-up corner, the wardrobe, the workstation – in this article we present your some useful ideas to light up your bedroom.

What kind of light do we need in our bedroom? Ideally, this room should benefit from a good natural light source.

There’s nothing more pleasant and refreshing that waking up gradually and softly with the first rays of light gently entering through our windows to give us a good morning.

The artificial light system must instead be designed according to discretion, relax and comfort of the bedroom and, at the same time, tend to enhance the room on one hand with an uniform light, on the other with the creation of strategic light spots.

Shabby chic bedroom chandeliers: crystal is always a good choice

If you like shabby style, you must have a hanging crystal chandelier.

Glass chandeliers are ideal for the retro feeling typical of the shabby style.

We find it very useful in the bedroom because they are perfect to refract light.

A bright bedroom means a room full of energy in which recharge and rest in the best way.

This kind of light source can be made of many colors and shades.

The most frequently chosen are light blue or transparent.

Shabby chic chandelier
A Shabby Chic room from

Sometimes we can also find pale pink, which is a shade very often used to decorate shabby bedrooms.

In the picture above you can see how the crystal chandeliers are enhancing even more the shabby chic furniture.

Fabrics and wall paints in a light blue shade give elegance and romance to the whole room.

Provence style bedroom and rustic chandelier: cleaner and simpler lines

Often shabby and Provence style are confused.

To a trained eye, though, Provence style is more essential with less details.

The right chandelier must have clean lines and be true to the rural French style. The French country chandelier is simple and yet elegant.

No crystal for this rustic chandelier.

French country chandelier
A French country chandelier from

The chandelier for the minimal style bedroom

To create a uniform light the ideal solution is the hanging chandelier spreading the light from top to bottom.

Choosing the right hanging chandelier depends on the style and size of the bedroom.

A modern chandelier with an imposing and scenographic design will stand out as the absolute protagonist of a big and spacious bedroom,

A super modern minimal chandelier will be perfect for a small room with an essential and modern style.

Another very convenient space-saving solution is the ceiling light, which is fundamental for rooms with a low ceiling.

A similar result can be obtained with led lights or built-in sopotlights.

The modern bedroom is not only a place to sleep, but it has also became a multifunctional space, like a workstation, a reading zone, a beauty corner or walk-in wardrobe.

For each of these “moments” we need to find the right lightning in accordance with the main light source of the room.

When the predominant features of the bedroom are geometric lines and essentiality so must be the chandelier.

With less details you gain in elegance and the room is in harmony with the rest of the house.

Modern chandelier with essential lines are more and more popular.

A simple wire ending in a lightbulb, usually slightly bigger than the ones used for regular chandeliers. In this case we can opt for filament lightbulbs.

minimal chandelier
A minimal chandelier as seen on

Ethnic style bedroom and unusual chandeliers

Ethnic style is not among the most trendy now, but the rattan chandelier has always its charme.

ethnic style chandelier
An Ethnic style room by

Also the pierced metal chandelier is an interesting choice, creating lively light dances through the room.

As you can see, lines and design of the chandelier recall the style of the bed and the whole location.

Wood is perfectly matched with this style, recalling North African and Middle Eastern countries.

The bedside tables and the chest are in line with the chandelier giving a perfect harmony between all the items.

Industrial style chandelier

Industrial style recalls wide spaces and tall ceilings.

The colors are usually shades of gray and in order to fill open spaces there are often dark and matte tones.

We find the tone-on-tone chandelier perfect for this style.

We know well this kind of hanging chandeliers, recalling an industrial mood and a recycling attitude.

When you are looking for the right one, you must take into consideration all the items decorating the room.

We are talking about walls, materials (usually steel or wood) furniture, fabrics and all the home decor items.

industrial chandelier
An Industrial Style chandelier by

Modern chandeliers

For a modern bedroom, we chose a double metal model hanging from the ceiling with a long wire.

It is simple, linear, but with that elaborated design touch.

Also, the bedside lamps can be hanging rather than the classic table lamps.

We find them beautiful and they are perfect to give something special to the bedroom. You can notice how they add decoration if combined with the right painting or headboard.

It’s a way to personalize your double bedroom.

We must also say that table lamps are not less important. There are beautiful and original models for sale, you just need to choose the one right for you.

modern chandelier
From a double chandelier for the bedroom

The bedside light, ideal to read something before sleeping, can be of many shapes and sizes.

One very chic stylistic choice is to use modern filament lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling.

Also, appliques at the two sides of the bed or staple lamps, attached to the headboard, combine design and functionality, leaving room on the bedside tables and giving a pleasant tidy atmosphere.

Apart from the model, we suggest to use a soft light, in order not to disturb your sleep.

Other light sources in the bedroom

If there is space for a desk in the bedroom, the ideal location for that would be next to a natural light source, to complete with an adjustable table lamp.

Alternatively, you can opt for a floor lamp which would be useful also to lighten a reading space with a comfortable armchair.

The ideal light for a make-up corner, which is more and more popular in bedroom furniture, is the one that doesn’t alter colors and allow you to light up the whole face, without shades but also not too much bright.

The best lighting for the wardrobe, especially if it’s a walk-in type, is a spotlight system integrated in the suspended ceiling.

If you’re looking for original ideas to light up your bedroom, the next two suggestions might be the right inspiration.

Very scenic is the indirect lightning, inspired from Scandinavian design, perfect for modern and minimalist style.

It’s made of light rays behind the headboard that give a sophisticated and distinctive look to the room, and they provide for a soft and romantic lightning.

Another lively and creative solution is to create niches behind and at the two sides of the bed in which to put integrated spotlights or designer abat-jours.

Books and other decorative items will contribute to decorate your bedroom.

For an even more original effect, the light niches can be painted of the guide color of the room, creating a beautiful contrast with the white walls.

bedroom chandelier 3

Bedroom chandeliers: the latest trends

Among the latest trends for interior lightning there is the return of the vintage chandelier, its traditional lines reinterpreted in a “modern classic” key.

The ceiling of our homes are once again decorated with traditional chandeliers, rethought in a modern way thanks to energy-saving led lightbulbs.

Of extreme importance are the materials: precious glass, wood, metal, with an eye on the hanging cables. These are covered in unusual materials and colors, acquiring personality and becoming key element of the chandelier design.

rattan chandelier

Depending on color, shape, and size, modern chandeliers are designed to fit in every corner of our homes.

From the most intimate spaces like the bedroom and the bathroom to more convivial places such as the dining room.

They can create interesting light solutions also in a minimal style living room, and they will give a lively and dynamic touch.

Lamps and chandeliers for the bedroom will not only provide for original and unique spaces, but also safeguard the environment.

The most trending lightning systems for the bedroom are based on LED and smart technology.

bedroom chandelier

Low energy consumption, combined with minimal and contemporary lines, make the LED chandeliers ideal for the modern bedroom.

LED stripes are functional also in the wardrobe. They can also be put behind the headboard and the bedside table for a suffused, charming style.

The right nuances for bedroom chandeliers

Among the most appreciated interior lighting tones, this year we find a “surprising” shade: orange.

It is a bright and happy color, that can also be reimagined in softer gradations. From apricot to orange rose, from cotto to amber.

Orange is also a perfect secondary color, alongside and in contrast with darker and colder shades like chalk and iron grey.

Combining those, you will get a misurate atmosphere without renouncing to a warm and bright nuance.

Also very trendy, golden details, that bring a touch of elegance and refinement, designed to enhance the light in the bedroom.