My jorney at the discovery of the bath fittings by Inda

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For those who followed me on the socials during the Salone del Mobile 2016 some of the things I’m going to write are not novelties, of course!

I had the pleasure to attend the presentation of all the new proposals of bath fittings signed Inda and to use personally PLAY INDA, their brand new App I’m going to talk you about in the next lines.

Let’s start with order, looking together at the four proposals of settings and fittings I could observe closely. You will notice the versatility of Inda products and their capacity to meet any need both in spaces and tastes, fitting easily on any house.
In details, Inda proposes the Salone the following four settings: a New Classical one, an Industrial Shabby Chic one, a Nordic one and a Contemporary one.
If you have already furnished your house choosing one of these styles, it will be very easy to complete the whole with Inda, maintaining the same style even for the bathroom that, during the years, has become the nerve centre of the house.

inda proposte d'interni per la zona bagno
The four concept living, by Inda

Let’s look at these concepts in detais.

  • New Classic by Inda

inda proposte d'interni per la zona bagno

Try to imagine a space where present and past mingle perfectly together recreating a magic setting. Personally, this is the style I prefer! I was struck by the coupling of gold-coloured basins with glass tops giving a unique elegance. More than a bathroom in a house it looks like a real Spa corner.
The arrangement of the furniture can vary easily according to your needs and the setting will keep its New Classical charm.


  • Industrial Shabby Chic by Inda

inda proposte d'interni per la zona bagno

On my blog I often talk about Industrial Style. This bathroom is the right mix between Industrial and Shabby Chic.Thanks to the employment of salvages the bathroom of your dreams is ready.
I suggest you the wall paper or a covering in gres following the same style as to set off this mood, placing also some shelves.







  • Nordic Style by Inda


inda proposte d'interni per la zona bagno

Minimalism and simplicity for this proposal of setting by Inda. A blaze of white emphasized by the clean and well definite lines of this furniture provided with a stack, chosen suitably to set off the Nordic style fully.

  • Contemporary by Inda

inda proposte d'interni per la zona bagno After the New Classical one, there is this style, for me. As you have already understood, I love mixing classical lines with modern ones and this bathroom fulfil my desire totally. Also thanks to the careful choice of wall papers and paints, this bathroom gets a final effect of elegance and refinement.
Besides the quality of the materials, these four styles have in common the dynamism of the settings feasible with Qamar furniture, Progetto+ and Perfetto+ (Project plus and Perfetto plus), born from the collaboration between Inda and Sergio Brioschi.
Qamar is innovation, personality, essentiality in lines emphasized by big handles giving asymmetry and dynamism. The piece of furniture becomes more special thanks to a thin glass framework available as follows: painted glass in chromatic hues or in silver mirror, smoky grey or bronze.

inda proposte d'interni per la zona bagno_11

Progetto series has been extended giving a wide range of handles including the one with the ‘push-open’ function. A very easy one, in my opinion! Then, Progetto evolved into Progetto+, adding to this piece of furniture a finishing kit including 1,2 cm thick sides and a small shelf for the top, emphasizing even more the sturdiness of this product.

inda proposte d'interni per la zona bagno_11

On the contrary, Perfetto+ extends Inda line with fitted furniture provided with an easy stack made even smarter thanks to a steel support completing the whole, giving the bathroom a clean and minimal touch.

inda proposte d'interni per la zona bagno_11

In the introduction I mentioned a service Inda gives its customer and I find it brilliant.
I could try it personally and I think it’s really useful and practical above all while planning the bathroom. You certainly agree with me that when you have to furnish your house, the bathroom in particular, it is never easy to imagine a piece of furniture placed there.
That is why Inda created the app PLAY INDA available both for Android and IOS.
When you choose your Inda bathroom, you will be able to create virtually your relaxing area and choose the best solution for you, buying in a more responsible and tranquil way.

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