Bathroom lights: 10 irresistible and trendy ideas for an original space!


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In this article we are going to have a look at a collection of suggestions and ideas about the bathroom and its lightning.

What we are talking about is a widespread trend in contemporary design: ceiling light, appliqués and chandeliers give way to hanging items in the sink zone, often very impactful.

The latest and most appreciated compositions give us the idea that these hanging lights are typical of the dove grey bathrooms, or darker tones rooms.

This lights give great personality also to the brighter bathrooms, focusing on the surface next to the mirror.

The choreography of lights creates a pleasant “bubble” effect around the sink.

We definitely spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, taking care of ourselves, so that’s a very important space.

Let’s have a look to this beautiful collection.

Bathroom lights: hanging black

This first proposal plays with the dark tones of wood and natural stone.

A hanging black cone-shaped lamp is the perfect match for the dark stone floor and the wooden cover behind the mirror.

The radiator in the back is recalling the color and the material of the lamp.

black bathroom light
From lighting ideas for a dark shade bathroom

Industrial style hanging light bulbs for the bathroom

The industrial style is often used in the living room or the kitchen, and it rarely can be found in the bathroom.

In this case, industrial style filament light bulbs are hanging from the ceiling in front of the mirror, and they are well matched in a vintage style bathroom with cement tiles and natural stone floor.


industrial style bathroom lights
From essential ideas with an industrial taste

Bathroom lights with unusual and original shapes

Usually, designer furniture stands on creativity and originality, and that’s true also for the bathroom.

In this proposal we can see a double cylindric hanging lamp, combined with an unusual shaped mirror.

Both the lamp and the mirror are recalling an elliptic shape, giving to the bathroom a pleasant and relaxing effect.

unusual shape bathroom lights
Unusual shapes from for fascinating bathroom lights.

Smoked glass bathroom lights

For a wooden sink and stone walls, this smoked glass vintage looking lamp is the perfect match.

The lamp is hanging in front of the mirror.

lampadari bagno vetro fumo
Da pendenti per bagno dal suggestivo vetro fumè.

Blown glass for precious bathroom lights

Speaking of glass lamps, blown glass is the most precious and sought for.

Italian traditional laboratories are famous worldwide for the creation of this kind of glass and many designers choose it for the lightning of the most luxurious houses, and why not, for the bathrooms as well.

blown glass bathroom lights
Blown glass lamps from

Copper, a luxury material for bathroom lights

Another precious material, which is also recalling industrial style, is copper.

For this retro style bathroom three different colored copper lamps are hanging from the ceiling to give an unusual and impactful light source.


copper bathroom lights
Copper shines in the bathroom. Ideas from

Multiple light bulbs simple and mellow

From the same spot there can be more than one wire hanging, each one ending in a light bulb to create an intense and original lightning source.

In this light toned bathroom the casual and breezy multiple light bulbs are ideal.

simple hanging bathroom lights
Simple and casual lightning ideas from

Elongated shapes for an unusual light spot

Designers’ creativity find its greatest expression in lightning, and this is true also for the bathroom lights.

This unusually shaped hanging lamp uses glass and metal to give a peculiar, but pleasant lightning to the bathroom.

unusual bathroom lights
An original proposal from

Spherical bathroom lights

Another original proposal is the one presenting a spherical shaped lamp.

Light is filtering through metal for a retro-futuristic style.


spherical bathroom lights
From a spherical lamp for an unforgettable bathroom.

Knurled glass bathroom lightning ideas

Finally, glass is again the protagonist of this last design suggestion.

The knurled texture of this glass lamp creates original and customizable light effects.


knurled glass bathroom lights
From the knurled glass lamp for the bathroom


Here they are, 10 ideas that we think can enrich the sink area and the bathroom in general.

Hanging lights are undoubtedly a trend that encounters the audience favor, the continuity between the furniture and the ceiling gives a pleasant look to the room.


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