Today I’m telling you a story which sounds like a new beginning….

We are in Rimini, at Giardini d’Autore, precisely. Have you ever been there? It’s a scheduled event recurring twice a year: in Spring and in Autumn. It develops in two days focusing on plants, gardening, handicrafts and design. Any gardener knows that Autumn is the best moment to go back working with earth after the long, Summer interval.

Giardini d’Autore is the ideal occasion to find rare plants and essences from the best Italian breeders and get ideas and cues for a charming garden even in Autumn. The September edition of Giardini d ‘Autore is perhaps the most glamorous one because it is full of colours, shapes and unique flowerings.

Wandering among the stands you will find ornamental sages, grasses, Japanese anemones, maples, hydrangeas, ancient and modern roses, water plants and tropical ones.

You will find chillies coming from all over the world and, furthermore, ancient fruit, unusual varieties of pumpkins, shrubs, edible plants, historical citrus trees, fuchsias, aromatic plants, dahlias, echinaceas and many other vegetable curiosities to colour the garden all the Winter long.


At Giardini d'Autore 2017 with Panenostro Lab

Those who live in Rimini and read me, know well what I am talking about. Panesnostro Lab is a really fascinating event.
Inside the Hotel Villa Rosa Riviera**** there is this a laboratory where love for cooking and for raw materials blends with the art of ‘mise en place’.
In each dish served you will find a mix that will satisfy both your taste and your eyes. If you like, you can try highly selected, typical products that will exalt your palate and your sight with astonishing platings.

At Giardini d'Autore 2017 with Panenostro Lab

At Giardini d'Autore 2017 with Panenostro Lab

Why do I care this event so deeply? Because of the peculiar attention to details, the steady search for pottery, flowers and décors to make the delicious food they prepare even more precious.

That is from I got the idea to match the pottery on sale on my e-commerce with their gastronomical specialities.

At Giardini d'Autore 2017 with Panenostro Lab
At Giardini d'Autore 2017 with Panenostro Lab

What best occasion to start this project than Giardini d ‘Autore? This event puts together all those people who transform creativity into their job and force. So, here we are! And this is nothing but the beginning of a collaboration I care a lot. It’s a collaboration which sounds Rimini: young people who, like me, firmly believe in what they do, who have risked them all and try every day to astonish who trust them. It’s a collaboration which sounds home: at last, I have got the possibility to work in my town and I feel full of joy for that.

In the next months you will see incredibile things. So what? We hope to be able to astonish you! We will do out best!

Photo credits : Veronica Frison di Cucinopertescemo e Andrea Casadei