Andrea dal Pozzo – Fantasie d’Oriente Store in Argenta.

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Bali, Indonesia.

An amazing destination for unforgettable trips to crystal sea waters and unspoiled nature. Anyway, Bali means also handicrafts and local made original furniture.
You can find this atmosphere in the Andrea dal Pozzo-Fantasie d’Oriente Store in Argenta. Thanks to his love for the East and its products, this has become a real job for the owner, importing directly from Indonesia all the objects you see in the store! You can find everything in this shop, such as: outside little sofas, comfortable deckchairs in genuine rattan, special lamps, handmade wicker baskets, pottery, ethnic furniture made thoroughly of local wood.
If you have a look at the web site, you can browse among lots of items such as: candles, incenses, jewel cases, gift and fancy goods, handmade vases. You can buy everything you like on the on line shop. As for me, I fell in love with an ochre yellow tea set you can see in the picture. I could not do nothing but buy it!
The material it is made with keep the tea warm for a long time.

servizio da te, andrea dal pozzo

And what about this wonderful holder carved into a log? I think it would be perfect for geraniums or other colourful flowers, dropping down, perhaps. Try to think about the final effect!

mobili orientali, andrea dal pozzo, portavasi

This cruet holder is as wonderful as the other objects. Each item is unique. The glass is melted according to the form of the wooden holder, assuring a perfect whole. I have imagined it as an original aquarium, even if it was made as a flowers holder, first. You can use it as you prefer.

mobili orientali, andrea dal pozzo

Thus, I recommend you to visit the site and have a look at all the items they sell and enjoy yourselves to adapt them to your needs, just like I did.

mobili orientali, andrea dal pozzo

lampada fatta a mano

mobili orientali, andrea dal pozzo

lampada fatta a mano

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