Shabby Chic: decorate your home with style!


Today’s article is about style, elegance and trends about the world of shabby chic on Fillyourhomewithlove.

We will focus on accessories, elements and details are taking over this beloved style.

When we talk about shabby chic the first thing that comes to our minds is surely a romantic style, coming from creative recycling. Imagination and creativity are the keywords to re-use old furniture or recycling materials.

Basically, everything can be restored and “transformed” with little effort, using simple tools.

Fruit crates, wooden boards, small jars and pallets are essential items of the shabby chic style. Everything can find its right place and become a unique and functional decorating element.

If you like diy, you could indulge in creating new compositions with different materials.

Pallets, wooden storage racks used for deliveries, can be, for example, modified and adapted for indoor or outdoor locations.

We’re talking about bedrooms, balconies and terraces.
If hanged to a wall, they can become a useful shelving unit to store objects and books. If you add wheels to them, they can be used as trolleys or coffee tables.

Remember, shabby chic is a peculiar style, so don’t overdo it!

If your intention is to decorate your bedroom with a shabby chic style, you might consider building the bed frame using pallets.

You can then choose accessories in a light grey scale or pastel colours.

This will give the right character to the room in a simple and delicate way, with light colours combined to wrought iron.

We can list some noticeable features about shabby furniture and design.

Analyzing these trends in every room of the house we can make some important considerations.

1. Shabby chic trends: key elements of this style are overtaking gardens.

Shabby chic style has already influenced every corner of house design, even the garden.
Now the most iconic items of this style are coming out of the house to fill gardens with their precise identity.

Repainted furniture, pallets, and recycled items are taken from grandma’s attic to the exterior, like they are inside the house.

As a result, there is a complete and deep immersion in this atmosphere, indoor and outdoor, recalling the typical British countryside!

2. Canopy beds are a must have for a shabby chic style.

You can fake a canopy without buying a new bed. The curtain becomes a simple decoration hanging on the ceiling, but it can also be a useful accessory which grants intimacy to your sleep.

Fake canopy beds or small ones are more and more used, and we must admit that they have a great aesthetic impact, even if they don’t require much space.

A fake canopy bed as seen on Tages Anzeiger
Another canopy bed with see-through curtains. (Rotten toothfairy)

 3. Kitchen: flowers everywhere!

It looks like a flower explosion has taken over shabby chic kitchens.

Towels, dishes, mugs, accessories… everything has a pleasant rose tint.
Apart from that, this style uses floral fantasies or chinese-like patterns, which we find not only beautiful but also precious and delicate.


A selection of shabby kitchen towels by Home BNC
Shabby chic plates with chinese-like floral decoration.

4. Shabby coffee tables for your living room.

The coffee table is always the most important in a shabby chic room.

It becomes wider and more spacious, it can store more items, managing the space with shelves and compartments.

This is a clever and convenient trend.

A shabby coffee table as seen on Trend4homy

5.  Doorless cabinets: a very appreciated shabby trend.

Give new life to cabinets, cupboards and wardrobes, all without any door.
The old, open piece of furniture is a main feature of a shabby chic home, now more than in the past.

It’s good to see how linen, porcelains and other items are accurately and tidily stored.

We believe that the reason behind the success of these “open” furniture is the chance to see how refined the objects are.

Have you noticed the same trends in furniture and decoration?
Are there other ideas that captured your imagination?

Let’s share it: add your considerations to the comments and let’s create unique locations for our homes! 🙂