The world of wooden chandeliers: countless styles for every home

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Today we will keep searching the world of lightning design.

We will concentrate in particulare on wooden chandeliers with an eye on the many versions of this home decor item.

There are so many different styles, basically opposite to each other!

This natural material can be interpreted in many ways.

It can be used maintaing its natural features or it can even be laser cut to obtain new incredible shapes.

In this article we start a journey that goes from nature to the most advanced technology.

Natural wood chandeliers, LED spotlights and hanging lights

Chandeliers in natural wood can have spotlights mounted on them.

natural wood chandelier
A natural wood chandelier with embedded spotlights, on

The composition, often recalling items such as the chain from which the chandelier is hanging, is the secret of the alluring style of this lighting item.

natural chandelier with led spotlight
A nice setting with a hanging wooden chandelier on

Wooden chandeliers with hanging items are becoming more and more popular.
You can let your fantasy loose when decorating it, with glass cups or filament lightbulbs or whatever suits your taste.

wooden chandelier with hangin items
From, a natural wooden chandelier with hanging lightbulbs
natural wood chandelier with hanging lighbulbs
Another creation on

Minimalist design wooden chandelier

When it comes to pure desgin, wood can surprisingly be the right choice. Here’s a soft and light composition of wooden leaves.


wooden leaves chandelier
From a chandelier made of thin layers of wood

This other chandelier, instead, makes an essential impression with its perfectly round shape.

round wooden chandelier
Also from another minimal wooden chandelier

Kaleidoscopic chandeliers

The light effects created by this kind of chandeliers is wonderful. They are made of thin twigs geometrically intersected.

This effect is called “kaleidoscopic”.

kaleidoscopic chandeliers
From chandeliers made of wooden twigs

Even with more regular, solid and thick wooden bands the light effect is always beautiful.

The charming chandelier’s design would fascinate your guest with its simplicity and simmetry.

band chandeliers
Chandeliers made of wooden bands on

Laser cut wooden chandeliers

Thanks to laser cutting technology it’s possibile to make wonderful and intricated designs, of sure visual impact.

If you want to amaze with elegance and style, this could be the right chandelier for you.

laser cut wooden chandelier
An outstanding laser cut wooden chandelier by
laser cut chandeliers
Other laser cut chandeliers on

To sum up, there are so many styles and designs for wooden chandeliers!

Whether they are made of natural wood or sophisticated compositions, the wooden chandelier is always a good choice because it feels “alive” and warm.

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