With the advent of Masterchef and various other programmes on cooking, all of us feel better cooks or anyway we have developed a wider view about cooking and its endless possibilities. In the past few years several firms have proposed more and more professional kitchens, readapting more industrial structures to homely dimensions. You can take as an example the Natural skin by Minacciolo, I talked you about a few weeks ago. It was reinvented on the idea of the professional one, made by the same firm.

Today I propose you a kitchen totally made of stainless steel: Abimis Kitchen, made by Prisma, a firm well-known for having supplied the most important hotels all over the world, cruise ships, restaurants and canteens, thanks to the very high quality they offer, since they use to employ biologically neutral, odourless steel that leaves non substance on food. Furthermore, it resists temperatures up to 500° and it resists corrosion. It is 100% recyclable and very easy to keep clean.

You can have all this at your home.

As genuine craftsmen of steel as they are, they can design and adapt their works to the customer’s needs, creating a professional kitchen at your home without altering your environment. Each kitchen is different from the other ones, keeping in mind the main concepts of the firm such as: the importance of design and the materials, a careful study of food conservation.

For this, Abimis Kitchen is provided with multi-spaces with different microclimates: below zero, cold section and at room temperature. Everything kept in containers to assure a perfect hygiene.

There are also highly thick, steel work surfaces with no flights or junctions, suited for any preparation and thought to prevent liquids from falling down. The cooktop is given wide room, whether it is gas-feeded, at induction or teppan yaki cooking. The dish-washing and plate arranging areas are spacious, too. In this way, they create a perfect corner dedicated to the art of the presentation of the dishes.

In a few words, a true Masterchef-like kitchen at your home!

cucina abimis 2

cucina abimis 1

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