A wood or a pellet-burning one? Here it is how to choose.

Temperatures are going down suddenly in these days and we need to heat our houses as best as possible. The market offers several solutions concerning heat production both from alternative sources or classic heating: from fireplaces to stoves, whether they are wood or pellet-burning. Today we will focus on the latters and on their countless peculiarities and capacities, including how to save money.

  • Wood – Burning Stoves.

Thanks to the burning of wood they produce warm air that will be spread around by special fans.
Another fundamental feature which marks the classic wood – burning stoves is their capacity to propagate heat even from the embers produced after the burning of wood.
This let us have heat for about 24 hours.
Let us think, on the other hand, that the most part of the stoves on sale need to be connected to a special or preexistent chimney flute to take the smokes away.

a design stove

a design stove



    • Pellet – Burning Stoves

      They work much alike the classic wood – burning stoves but they are much less polluting. They are not so different from them, from an aesthetic point of view either.

      You can choose among a variety of coverings such as steel, baked clay or earthenware, according to your needs as regards furniture, in order to personalize any room as best as possible. Furthermore, its practical remote control will let you switch your stove on or off even at a distance.
      It works as follows: the fuel is dragged through a pipe into a brazier where it is burnt.
      The stove can be switched on thanks to an internal, electric heating element which will become incandescent. Thanks to the fans, the heat is propagated around your home, getting it warm at its best.

a design stove